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1 Prospect Court
The Broadway
Farnham Common
Bucks SL2 3QQ
01753 647339
Unit 1, Prospect Court, The Broadway, Farnham Common, Bucks SL2 3QQ - Telephone: 01753 647339

2020-21 UK & Ireland Marathon Listing

A comprehensive 2020-21 UK & Ireland Marathon listing
*Keeping the list as updated as possible with Corona Virus-affected events as the information becomes available.
Some races may be missing or out of date due to insufficient data provided.
Please get in touch with us if you'd like us to list any specific races not listed here or to report any errors.

We constantly update this list as information becomes available.

September 2020
22ndGreen Chain MarathonSurreyY26.2Trail
23rdCardiac ChallengeKentY6HTrail
23rdSalcey Forest Autumn ChallengeNorthantsY6HMixed
26thBoddington MarathonGloucestershireY26.2Road
26thCauseway Coast MarathonCo. AntrimN26.2Mixed
26thGuardians Of The CODRCShropshireY26.2Mixed
26thJurassic Coast Running FestivalDorsetY24HMixed
26thMaverick Ultra Peaks (Postponed)DerbyshireN26.2Trail
26thNorfolk Coastal MarathonNorfolkN26.2Trail
26thNorthern JumbleWest YorkshireN26.2Mixed
26thPen Llyn Coastal Trail Marathon (Postponed)WalesN26.2Trail
26thRoche Abbey Trail Autumn Running FestivalYorkshireN26.2Mixed
26thSelf Transcendence 24hour London (Cancelled)LondonY24HTrack
26thSnowdon Trail MarathonWalesN27.0Trail
26thThe Gold RavenSurreyN26.2Trail
26thTolkien ChallengeKentY6HMixed
27thBarnstaple MarathonDevonN26.2Road
27thBattle of Britain ChallengeKentY6HMixed
27thBlackpool Marathon (Postponed)LancsY26.2Road
27thConwy MarathonWalesN26.2Road
27thHever Castle Marathon (Cancelled)KentY26.2Mixed
27thHull Marathon (Cancelled)YorkshireN26.2Road
27thNorth Devon Marathon (Postponed)DevonN26.2Trail
27thThe LancashiremanLancashireN27.0Trail
October 2020
1stDecades Dash 70sBerkshireY6HMixed
2ndSaturn Yet Another Midweek Chasing Numbers RunSurreyY7HMixed
3rdChorley 6H Road Race LancashireY6HMixed
3rdCoastal Trail Series - North York MoorsYorkshireN26.2Trail
3rdGalway Bay MarathonCo. GalwayY26.2Road
3rdOusden OwlSuffolkN26.2Mixed
3rdPhoenix Wedding RunSurreyY6HMixed
3rdTigger Bounce-athonKentY6HMixed
3rdZen Weekend Day 1SuffolkY6HMixed
4thClarendon MarathonWiltshireN26.2Trail
4thClover MarathonSuffolkN26.2Road
4thConiston Marathon (Postponed)Lake DistrictN26.2Trail
4thDorney Lake MarathonBerkshireY26.2Road
4thFlower of Suffolk LDWASuffolkN26.0Mixed
4thIsle Of Wight MarathonIsle Of WightN26.2Road
4thJersey MarathonJerseyN26.2Mixed
4thKent Spring Marathon (Postponed)KentY26.2Mixed
4thKielder MarathonNorthumberlandN26.2Trail
4thPhoenix Not The London Marathon Run Again!SurreyY6HTrail
4thSaturn Magic Run-AboutBerkshireY7HMixed
4thWinnie The Pooh ChallengeKentY6HMixed
4thWylye Valley Kanter LDWA (Runners welcome)WiltshireN25mTrail
4thZen Weekend Day 2SuffolkY6HMixed
8thDecades Dash 80sBerkshireY6HMixed
9thPanther Takes The HindmostYorkshireY26.2Mixed
9thVOTWO Atlantic Coast Challenge Day 1CornwallN26.0Trail
10thBrecon Beacons Trail Marathon WalesN26mTrail
10thCharnwood Marathon (Postponed)LeicestershireN27.0Trail
10thHangers Heroes DorsetN26.2Mixed
10thSVN Carbon ChallengeYorkshireY6HMixed
10thVOTWO Atlantic Coast Challenge Day 2CornwallN26.0Trail
10thYorkshire Cakeathon (Postponed)YorkshireY6HMixed
11thBurton Bradstock MarathonDorsetY26.2Mixed
11thHardmoors 26.2 Fryupdale Trail MarathonNorth YorkshireN26.2Trail
11thLeicester Marathon (Cancelled)LeicestershireN26.2Road
11thManchester Marathon (Postponed)LancsN26.2Road
11thMontane Howgills Trail 26 (Postponed)YorkshireN26.0Trail
11thNorthampton CookiethonNorthantsY6HTrail
11thVOTWO Atlantic Coast Challenge Day 3CornwallN26.0Trail
11thYorkshire Cookiethon (Postponed)YorkshireY6HMixed
13thGrizzly Bear ChallengeWarwickshireY6HMixed
16thSaturn Day After George's Birthday RunSurreyY7HMixed
17thAbbey Ascent ChallengeLake DistrictY6HTrail
17thDave Lewis Challenge (Cancelled)NottsN27.5mMixed
17thExmoor Trail Running ChallengeDevonN43kTrail
17thKings Forest Trail MarathonSuffolkY26.2Trail
17thMaverick Jurassic Coast MarathonDorsetN28mTrail
17thMega Challenge (Postponed)KentY6HMixed
17thPhoenix Back To The 80sSurreyY6HMixed
17thPlym Autumn Trail Marathon Day 1DevonN26.2Mixed
17thQueen Elizabeth Spring Marathon (Postponed)HampshireY26.2Trail
18thAbingdon Marathon (Cancelled)OxfordshireY26.2Road
18thBedford Autodrome MarathonBedsY26.2Road
18thChelmsford Marathon (Cancelled)EssexN26.2Road
18thFour Season 6H Autumn ChallengeBedfordshireY6HMixed
18thGoyt Valley Challenge LDWA (Cancelled)DerbyshireN24.5mTrail
18thHellstone Marathon (Postponed)DorsetN26.2Trail
18thJeskyns Challenge (Postponed)KentY6HTrail
18thLoch Rannoch MarathonScotlandN26.2Road
18thPhoenix Cyclops 2020SurreyY7HMixed
18thPlym Autumn Trail Marathon Day 2DevonN26.2Mixed
18thScott Snowdonia Marathon (Postponed)WalesN26.2Trail
18thStrive For 12HertfordshireY8HMixed
18thYorkshire MarathonYorkshireN26.2Road
22ndBirch ChallengeStaffordshireY6HMixed
22ndRicky RacesHertfordshireY6HMixed
24thBeachy Head MarathonSussexN26.2Trail
24thCoastal Trail Series - SuffolkSuffolkN26.2Trail
24thGrand Canal CanterDevonY26,2Trail
24thGreat Langdale MarathonCumbriaN26.2Road
24thSVN WhingeathonKentY6HMixed
24thWendover Woods Marathon (Postponed)BucksY26.2Trail
25thBreckland Forest Marathon (Postponed)NorfolkN26.2Mixed
25thDublin Marathon (Cancelled)Co. DublinN26.2Road
25thSaturn Beam Me Up RunHertfordshireY7HMixed
25thSVN Orc RampageKentY6HMixed
26thHalloween 7in7 Day 1WorcestershireY26.2Road
27thEnigma Three Lakes Challenge Day 1BucksY26.2Mixed
27thHalloween 7in7 Day 2WorcestershireY26.0Road
28thEnigma Three Lakes Challenge Day 2BucksY26.2Mixed
28thHalloween 7in7 Day 3WorcestershireY26.2Road
29thEnigma Three Lakes Challenge Day 3BucksY26.2Mixed
29thHalloween 7in7 Day 4WorcestershireY26.2Road
30thHalloween 7in7 Day 5WorcestershireY26.2Road
31stA Wiltshire Trek or Treat LDWA (Cancelled)WiltshireN26mMixed
31stGloucester 24GloucestershireY24HTrack
31stHalloween 7in7 Day 6WorcestershireY26.2Road
31stHubble Bubble LeedsYorkshireN26.2Trail
31stPumpkin Marathon (Morning)ShropshireY26.2Mixed
31stSpooky Halloween Challenge (Afternoon)ShropshireY26.2Mixed
31stSVN Halloween ChallengeKentY6HMixed
November 2020
1stAsics Windermere Marathon (Postponed)Lake DistrictN26.2Road
1stElmstead Market Trail MarathonSuffolkN26.2Mixed
1stHalloween 7in7 Day 7WorcestershireY26.2Road
1stNovember Nightmare Day 1ShropshireY26.2Mixed
1stSaturn Spooky Run At The MoviesSurreyY7HMixed
2ndNovember Nightmare Day 2ShropshireY26.2Mixed
3rdNovember Nightmare Day 3ShropshireY26.2Mixed
4thNovember Nightmare Day 4ShropshireY26.2Mixed
5thNovember Nightmare Day 5ShropshireY26.2Mixed
5thEnigma Fireworks Day 1BucksY26.2Mixed
5thFewston & Swinsty 4x4 Day 1YorkshireN26.2Mixed
6thDruids Ridgeway Challenge 3Day Challenge Day 1HertfordshireN29.3mTrail
6thEnigma Fireworks Day 2BucksY26.2Mixed
6thFewston & Swinsty 4x4 Day 2YorkshireN26.2Mixed
6thNovember Nightmare Day 6ShropshireY26.2Mixed
6thVOTWO Jurassic Challenge Day 1 (Postponed)DorsetN26.0Trail
7thCircle RouteSuffolkN26.2Trail
7thDruids Ridgeway Challenge 3Day Challenge Day 2BucksN26.6mTrail
7thEnigma Fireworks Day 3BucksY26.2Mixed
7thFewston & Swinsty 4x4 Day 3YorkshireN26.2Mixed
7thHardmoors 26.2 Goathland Trail MarathonNorth YorkshireN26.2Trail
7thKyodo Archer Day 1SuffolkY6HMixed
7thLulworth Cove Trail Marathon DorsetN46kTrail
7thNovember Nightmare Day 7ShropshireY26.2Mixed
7thSix Dales Circuit LDWADerbyshireN25mTrail
7thThames Meander Marathon NovSurreyN26.2Trail
7thThe White RavenSurreyN26.2Trail
7thVOTWO Jurassic Challenge Day 2 (Postponed)DorsetN26.0Trail
8thBath Two Tunnels MarathonAvonY26.0Trail
8thDalham KilnSuffolkY26.2Road
8thDruids Ridgeway Challenge 3Day Challenge Day 3BucksN28.3mTrail
8thExeter Marathon (Postponed)DevonN26.2Mixed
8thFewston & Swinsty 4x4 Day 4YorkshireN26.2Mixed
8thKyodo Archer Day 2SuffolkY6HMixed
8thNovember Nightmare Day 8ShropshireY26.2Mixed
8thPhoenix Remembrance Day MarathonSurreyY26.2Trail
8thRemembrance Day AnniversaryEssexY6HTrail
8thSaturn Remembrance RunDurhamY7HMixed
8thVOTWO Jurassic Challenge Day 3 (Postponed)DorsetN26.0Trail
11thHell Of A Hill Marathon 1LancsY26.2Trail
11thPoplar ChallengeLeicestershireY6HMixed
11thSaturn We Will RememberSurreyY7HMixed
11thSVN Armistice Day ChallengeKentY6HMixed
12thDecades Dash 90sBerkshireY6HMixed
12thHell Of A Hill Marathon 2LancsY26.2Trail
13thHell Of A Hill Marathon 3LancsY26.2Trail
14thAutumn Ranscombe ChallengeKentY8HMixed
14thBeacons Trail MarathonWalesN26.2Mixed
14thCoastal Trail Series - GowerWalesN26.8mTrail
14thHell Of A Hill Marathon 4LancsY26.2Trail
14thKirkstall Abbey Trail Running Festival LeedsYorkshireN26.2Trail
14thNemesis Infinity YorkshireY6HMixed
14thRother Valley MarathonYorkshireN26.2Mixed
14thThe Lemur LoopSomersetY12HMixed
14thTollymore Trail MarathonCo. DownY26.2Trail
14thWooler Trail MarathonNorthumberlandN28.5Trail
15thBroadway MarathonGloucestershireN26.2Trail
15thExe Estuary MarathonDevonN26.2Mixed
15thHell Of A Hill Marathon 5LancsY26.2Trail
15thShillington ShuffleBucksN26mMixed
15thTown Moor MarathonNorthumberlandY26.2Mixed
21stBlack Mountains MarathonWalesN28.5mTrail
21stCarbon ChallengeNorthantsY6HMixed
21stMaravan Marathon Day 1LincsY26.2Mixed
21stNorthampton Cakeathon (Postponed)NorthamptonY6HMixed
21stSunset to Sunrise ChallengeShropshireY26.2Trail
22ndMaravan Marathon Day 2LincsY26.2Mixed
22ndNorthampton Chocathon (Postponed)NorthamptonY6HMixed
22ndOld Mother Shipton's ShuffleNorth YorkshireN26.2Mixed
22ndOwler MarathonKentY26.2Trail
22ndPeak District Trail SeriesDerbyshireN23.0Trail
22ndPhoenix Riverside MarathonSurreyY26.2Trail
22ndTissington Trail Marathon DerbyshireN26.2Mixed
25thOak ChallengeLeicestershireY6HMixed
26thDecades Dash 00sBerkshireY6HMixed
27thBlack Knight Challenge RunKentY6HMixed
28thClonakilty Waterfront MarathonCo. CorkN26.2Mixed
29thBobble Hobble ChallengeKentY6HMixed
29thWinter Festive FrolicHampshireY6HMixed
30thSt Andrews DayKentY6HMixed
December 2020
1stAdvent ChallengeKentY6HMixed
2ndCaucus WonderlandKentY6HMixed
3rdMusic Legends Lucky DipKentY6HMixed
4thUnusual Suspects ChallengeKentY6HMixed
5thChristmas Cracker Day 1 LeedsYorkshireN26.2Trail
5thCoastal Trail Series - DorsetDorsetN27.3Trail
5thCwmhir Christmas Cracker WalkWalesN25.0Mixed
5thKirtling MarathonSuffolkN26.2Road
5thNottingham Christmas MarathonNottinghamshireY26.2Road
5thRoald Dahl ChallengeKentY6HMixed
5thRudolph's Romp WalkYorkshireN25.0Mixed
5thSaki Weekend Day 1SuffolkY6HMixed
5thSalisbury Plain MarathonWiltshireN26.2Trail
5thWinter Run To The CastleWalesN26.2Trail
6thCarrickfergus Reindeer RunCo. AntrimY26.2Mixed
6thChristmas Cracker Day 2 LeedsYorkshireN26.2Trail
6thGallops LoopSuffolkN26.2Mixed
6thGoodwood Motor Circuit MarathonSussexY26.2Road
6thNjord ChallengeKentY6HMixed
6thOulton Park Motor Circuit MarathonCheshireY26.2Road
6thRayne Deer RunEssexY6HTrail
6thReindeer RompHampshireY8HMixed
6thSaki Weekend Day 2SuffolkY6HMixed
10thDecades Dash 10sBerkshireY6HMixed
11thRampside Ramble Day 1CumbriaY26.2Road
12thMerry Xmas MarathonDevonY26.2Trail
12thOn The Edge Challenge Day 2CumbriaY26.2Road
12thPlym Merry Christmas DevonN26.2Mixed
12thX-Wing-Mas Enigma Day 1BucksY26.2Mixed
13thMonks Trod Pilgrimage Walk WalesN25mTrail
13thX-Wing-Mas Enigma Day 2BucksY26.2Mixed
15thX @ Xmas Enigma Day 1BucksY26.2Mixed
16thX @ Xmas Enigma Day 2BucksY26.2Mixed
17thDinton Christmas ChallengeBerkshireY6HMixed
19thElsecar Running Festival Barnsley Day 1West YorkshireN26.2Mixed
19thSVN Festive FrolicKentY6HMixed
20thElsecar Running Festival Barnsley Day 2West YorkshireN26.2Mixed
20thFlitch Way MarathonEssexN26.2Mixed
20thPortsmouth Coastal MarathonHampshireN26.2Road
20thUsual SuspectsKentY6HMixed
24thEnigma Christmas Die Hard MarathonBucksY26.2Mixed
27thSunrise to Sunset ChallengeShropshireY26.2Mixed
27thTown Moor 6H ChallengeNorthumberlandY6HMixed
27thXmas Pud RunSuffolkY6HMixed
28thPhoenix Year End MarathonSurreyY26.2Mixed
28thSaxon Shore MarathonKentY6HMixed
28thXmas Tripple Tipple Day 1SuffolkN26.2Road
29thFrozen Phoenix Day 1SurreyY6HMixed
29thXmas Tripple Tipple Day 2SuffolkN26.2Mixed
30thFrozen Phoenix Day 2SurreyY6HMixed
30thXmas Tripple Tipple Day 3SuffolkN26.2Mixed
31stFlitch Way NYE MarathonEssexN26.2Mixed
31stUnicorn Run (Postponed)KentY6HTrail
January 2021
1stFlitch Way NYD MarathonEssexN26.2Mixed
2ndMt Fuji Run Day 1SuffolkY6HMixed
2ndWinter Enigma Day 1BucksY26.2Mixed
3rdMt Fuji Run Day 2SuffolkY6HMixed
3rdNew Year Revolutions MiddlesexY6HMixed
3rdResolution RunHampshireY6HMixed
3rdStansted Stagger LDWA (Runners welcome)EssexN25.6Mixed
3rdWinter Enigma Day 2BucksY26.2Mixed
6thRainbow ChallengeNorthantsY6HMixed
9thWinter Langsett Loop Day 1YorkshireN26.2Mixed
10thWinter Langsett Loop Day 2YorkshireN26.2Mixed
16thPhoenix Doughnut DashSurreyY6HTrail
16thPlym Trail Marathon Winter 1DevonN26.2Mixed
17thPlym Trail Marathon Winter 2DevonN26.2Mixed
17thRun The SunHertfordshireY8HMixed
22ndBeyond The Far SideWiltshireY24HTrail
24thFlitch 12 HourEssexY12HMixed
24thGloucester (Winter) MarathonGloucestershireY26.2Mixed
24thGloucester MarathonGloucestershireY26.2Road
24thOffa's Twisted Wye KanterWalesN25mMixed
30thWinter Holly ChallengeShropshireY26.2Mixed
31stFour Seasons Winter 2021WalesY7HMixed
31stStonehenge StompWiltshireN25.0Mixed
February 2021
2ndPanda Bear ChallengeWarwickshireY6HMixed
6thCoastal Trail Series - South DevonDevonN26.2Trail
6thCotswold MarathonGloucestershireY26.2Road
6thIcing On The Cake MarathonShropshireN26.2Trail
6thSushi Run Day 1SuffolkY6HMixed
6thViking Coastal MarathonKentY6HMixed
7thGnome Roam KentY6HMixed
7thGrim LeodisYorkshireN26.2Mixed
7thHardmoors 26.2 Saltburn Trail MarathonNorth YorkshireN26.2Trail
7thPortland Coastal MarathonDorsetY26.0Trail
7thSushi Run Day 2SuffolkY6HMixed
8thSeven Deadly Sins Marathon 1 - The Slothful RunWorcestershireY26.2Road
9thBirch ChallengeStaffordshireY6HMixed
9thSeven Deadly Sins Marathon 2 - The Proud RunWorcestershireY26.2Road
10thSeven Deadly Sins Marathon 3 - The Lusty RunWorcestershireY26.2Road
11thSeven Deadly Sins Marathon 4 - The Angry RunWorcestershireY26.2Road
12thCharles Darwin DayShropshireY26.2Mixed
12thSeven Deadly Sins Marathon 5 - The Gluttonous RunWorcestershireY26.2Road
13thSeven Deadly Sins Marathon 6 - The Greedy RunWorcestershireY26.2Road
14thMarriott's Way Trail MarathonSuffolkN26.2Trail
14thSeven Deadly Sins Marathon 7 - The Envious RunWorcestershireY26.2Road
20thSVN Moonlight ChallengeKentY8HMixed
21stGlentress Trail MarathonScotlandY26.2Trail
27thBelvoir ChallengeLeicestershireN26.2Trail
27thCoastal Trail Series - NorthumberlandNorthumberlandN27.0Trail
27thLeap Frog Double Whammy Day 1WalesY7HMixed
28thBelfast City Marathon Co. AntrimN26.2Road
28thSt Davids Day Double Whammy Day 2WalesY7HMixed
March 2021
4thPoplar ChallengeLeicestershireY6HMixed
6thCherry Blossom Day 1SuffolkY6HMixed
6thSlithee at Slawit SlogYorkshireN26.2Mixed
7thBasingstoke Canal MarathonHampshireN26.2Trail
7thBatty BimbleHampshireY6HMixed
7thCherry Blossom Day 2SuffolkY6HMixed
7thNew Forest Challenge LDWAHampshireN26.0Trail
7thSteyning Stinger MarathonW. SussexN26.2Trail
8thEnigma Week At The Knees 1BucksY26.2Mixed
9thEnigma Week At The Knees 2BucksY26.2Mixed
10thEnigma Week At The Knees 3BucksY26.2Mixed
11thEnigma Week At The Knees 4BucksY26.2Mixed
12thEnigma Week At The Knees 5BucksY26.2Mixed
13thEnigma Week At The Knees 6BucksY26.2Mixed
13thIt's Green Up NorthYorkshireN26.2Mixed
14thEnigma Week At The Knees 7BucksY26.2Mixed
20thCoastal Trail Series - SussexSussexN27.0Trail
20thDark Skies Run KielderNorthumberlandN26.5Trail
20thLulworth Cove Trail Marathon DorsetN46kTrail
20thSpring Canal Canter Day 1YorkshireN26.2Mixed
21stMoyleman MarathonSussexN26.0Trail
21stSpring Canal Canter Day 2YorkshireN26.2Mixed
27thDaffodil DashYorkshireN26.2Mixed
27thPhoenix One Run To Rule Them AllSurreyY6HMixed
27thRas Dewi Sant Coastal Path MarathonWalesN26.2Trail
27thThe Fortitude Sword (Ten in Ten day 1)SurreyY7HMixed
27thTotally Nutty Nuts Run (Postponed)KentY6HMixed
28thCrispathon (Postponed)KentY6HMixed
28thPhoenix Once Upon A RunSurreyY7HMixed
28thThe Gauntlet Sword (Ten in Ten day 2)SurreyY7HMixed
29thPhoenix PJs On The PathSurreyY7HMixed
29thThe Dauntless Sword (Ten in Ten day 3)SurreyY7HMixed
30thPhoenix Dinosaur DashSurreyY7HMixed
30thThe Resolute Sword (Ten in Ten day 4)SurreyY7HMixed
31stPhoenix Groovy BabySurreyY7HMixed
31stThe Perseverence Sword (Ten in Ten day 5)SurreyY7HMixed
April 2021
1stPhoenix Top Run 3SurreyY7HMixed
1stThe Adversity Sword (Ten in Ten day 6)SurreyY7HMixed
2ndEnigma Good FriDay Marathon BucksY26.2Mixed
2ndPhoenix Shark RunSurreyY7HMixed
2ndThe Intrepid Sword (Ten in Ten day 7)SurreyY7HMixed
3rdPhoenix Marmalade MoochSurreyY7HMixed
3rdThe Indomitable Sword (Ten in Ten day 8)SurreyY7HMixed
4thPhoenix The Cyclops SurreyY7HMixed
4thThe Unbreakable Sword (Ten in Ten day 9)SurreyY7HMixed
5thEnigma Easter MonDay (Reverse route) BucksY26.2Mixed
5thThe Invincible Sword (Ten in Ten day 10)SurreyY7HMixed
5thX-PhoeniX SurreyY7HMixed
6thPhoenix Movies DaySurreyY7HMixed
6thThe Undaunted Knights Helmet (day 11 of 20)SurreyY7HMixed
7thPhoenix Run To The PUB SurreyY7HMixed
7thThe Staunch Knights Helmet (day 12 of 20)SurreyY7HMixed
8thPhoenix Grease Lightning SurreyY7HMixed
8thThe Valorous Knights Helmet (day 13 of 20)SurreyY7HMixed
9thPhoenix Top RunSurreyY7HMixed
9thThe Hardship Knights Helmet (day 14 of 20)SurreyY7HMixed
10thPhoenix Runderbird 5SurreyY7HMixed
10thPunk Run KentY6HMixed
10thThe Tenacious Knights Helmet (day 15 of 20)SurreyY7HMixed
10thThree Shires ChallengeStaffordshireN28.0Trail
10thWuthering Heights Wander West YorkshireN26.2Mixed
11thGothic RunKentY6HMixed
11thGreat Welsh MarathonWalesY26.2Road
11thPeterborough Marathon CambsN26.2Road
11thPhoenix Runderbird 4SurreyY7HMixed
11thThe Bunny HopWorcestershireY26.2Road
11thThe Gallant Knights Helmet (day 16 of 20)SurreyY7HMixed
12thPhoenix Runderbird 3SurreyY7HMixed
12thThe Audacious Knights Helmet (day 17 of 20)SurreyY7HMixed
13thPhoenix Runderbird 2SurreyY7HMixed
13thThe Insuperable Knights Helmet (day 18 of 20)SurreyY7HMixed
14thPhoenix Runderbird 1SurreyY7HMixed
14thThe Unbelievable Knights Helmet (day 19 of 20)SurreyY7HMixed
15thFrozen PhoenixSurreyY7HMixed
15thThe Impossible Knights Helmet (day 20 of 20)SurreyY7HMixed
17thBlack Dragon Challenge Walk WalesN26.0Mixed
17thCapital Challenge WalkLondonN29mMixed
17thCrawley A.I.M 12H Track Race SussexY12HTrack
17thCrawley A.I.M 6H Track Race SussexY6HTrack
17thShropshire Way 42k Mammoth ShropshireN26.0Mixed
18thBrighton Marathon SussexN26.2Road
18thBungay MarathonSuffolkY26.2Road
18thConnemara Marathon Co. GalwayN26.2Road
18thI Do Like A Day Beside The Seaside (Well, Hornsea!)YorkshireN26.2Mixed
18thLonghorn Marathon NottinghamshireY26.2Mixed
18thNewport Wales Marathon WalesN26.2Road
18thWickham WhistlerHampshireY6HMixed
18thBoston Marathon UK LincsN26.2Road
23rdSt George's Day MarathonKentY26.2Mixed
24thBath Beat AvonN26.2Trail
24thDyfi XWalesY26.2Trail
24thJurassic Trail East Meets West 1DevonN26.2Trail
24thRanscombe Spring ChallengeKentY8HTrail
24thSouth Cambridge Marathon (Postponed, Date tba)CambsY26.2Road
25thJurassic Trail East Meets West 2 DevonN26.2Trail
25thLondon MarathonLondonN26.2Road
25thLondon Reject MarathonKentY6HMixed
25thPhoenix Hard CHEESE and WHINE-athonSurreyY8HMixed
25thRandom RanscombeKentY8HTrail
25thSouthampton Marathon HampshireN26.2Road
27thSalcey Forest Spring Challenge NorthantsY6HMixed
May 2021
1stGreat Lakeland 3Day (Postponed)CumbriaNVariedTrail
1stOlympic RunNorthamptonY6HMixed
1stPlym Trail Marathon Spring 1DevonN26.2Mixed
1stThorners 110 Han Solo & Relay (Marathon 1 lap)SurreyY26.2Trail
2ndLimerick Marathon Co. LimerickN26.2Road
2ndNorth Dorset Village Marathon DorsetN26.2Road
2ndPhoenix Pop Up - Double The ForceSurreyY7HMixed
2ndPlym Trail Marathon Spring 2DevonN26.2Mixed
2ndSVN Charity ChallengeNorthamptonY6HMixed
2ndThree Forts Marathon SussexN27.0Trail
3rdLucky Dip ChallengeNorthamptonY6HMixed
3rdMilton Keynes Marathon BucksN26.2Road
3rdPhoenix VE Day 75th Anniversary RunSurreyY7HMixed
5thBluebell ChallengeWarwickshireY6HMixed
8thDingle MarathonCo. KerryN26.2Road
8thFormartine & Buchan Railway 12H Ultra ScotlandY12HTrail
8thMarsden Moors Marathon WalkYorkshireN26.0Mixed
8thOld Colliery Canter YorkshireN26.2Mixed
8thVE DayKentY6HMixed
9thExcalibur MarathonWalesN26.2Trail
9thHalstead Marathon EssexY26.2Road
9thHardmoors 26.2 Wainstones Trail Marathon North YorkshireN26.2Trail
9thMeridian Meander CambsN26.0Mixed
9thStirling MarathonScotlandN26.2Road
9thVery British RunKentY6HMixed
12thWoodpecker ChallengeNorthantsY6HMixed
14thDevon Coast Challenge Day 1DevonN26mMixed
15thClun Valley Walk (Runners welcome) ShropshireN26.0Mixed
15thDevon Coast Challenge Day 2DevonN79mMixed
15thDulux London Revolution Marathon BerkshireN27.0Trail
15thEastbourne Trackstar MarathonSussexY26.2Track
16thCape Wrath Challenge MarathonScotlandN26.2Mixed
16thDevon Coast Challenge Day 3DevonN79mMixed
16thLeaden Boot Challenge LDWA DerbyshireN26.2Mixed
16thMammoth MarathonNorfolkN26.2Road
16thRoche Abbey Trail Running MarathonYorkshireN26.2Mixed
20thHafren UltraWalesN27mTrail
22ndSVN Viking 100 6H RaceKentY6HMixed
22ndVikings ChallengeKentY24HMixed
23rdCheltenham Challenge GloucestershireN26.2Mixed
23rdFive Rivers ChallengeHertfordshireN26.2Mixed
23rdNarr then' It's The Spring Langsett Loop YorkshireN26.2Mixed
24thBristol Severn UltraWiltshireN28mTrail
28thLoch Ness 360� Marathon Day 1 ScotlandN26.2mTrail
28thTidal Triple Series Coastal ChallengeCumbriaY26.2Mixed
29thBrecon Beacons Trail Marathon WalesN26mTrail
29thClare Burren Marathon ChallengeCo. ClareN26.2Mixed
29thDarnley ChallengeKentY8HTrail
29thLoch Ness 360� Marathon Day 2 ScotlandN26.2mTrail
29thLough Castle Marathon Co. GalwayY26.2Road
29thTidal Triple Series Dockside DilemmaCumbriaY26.2Mixed
30thAllan King Way UltraHampshireN27mMixed
30thEdinburgh Marathon ScotlandN26.2Road
30thLiverpool MarathonMerseysideN26.2Road
30thLoch Ness 360� Marathon Day 3ScotlandN26.2Trail
30thPhoenix One Run To Rule Them All - The Elven Red RunSurreyY6HMixed
30thRelativity RunKentY6HMixed
30thTidal Triple Series Sandy Gap GallopCumbriaY26.2Mixed
June 2021
5thFarthingstone Foot Fest NorthantsN26.0Trail
5thGreat Strides Walking EventPeak DistrictN40kMixed
5thPhoenix God Of ThunderSurreyY7HMixed
5thRace To The Tower 1GloucestershireN26.2Trail
5thRatRace Runstock NorthantsY50kMixed
6thCork City MarathonCo. CorkN26.2Road
6thHuddersfield MarathonYorkshireN26.2Road
6thOld Mother Shipton's Summer ShuffleNorth YorkshireN26.2Mixed
6thPhoenix Wrath Of PoseidonSurreyY7HMixed
6thRace To The Tower 2GloucestershireN26.2Trail
6thStour Valley MarathonSuffolkN27.0Trail
6thStrathearn MarathonPerthshireN26.2Road
7thThe Hot Runner Day 1 - Green FireWorcestershireY26.2Road
8thThe Hot Runner Day 2 - Hot OneWorcestershireY26.2Road
9thThe Hot Runner Day 3 - DevilishWorcestershireY26.2Road
10thThe Hot Runner Day 4 - ChilliWorcestershireY26.2Road
11thCheddar Gorge MarathonAvonY26.2Trail
11thMizuno Endure 24 Reading BerkshireY24HMixed
11thThe Hot Runner Day 5 - Hot BloodedWorcestershireY26.2Road
12thEnigma Guitar Hero Marathon 1BucksY26.2Mixed
12thGreat Strides Running EventSurreyN40kMixed
12thLadybower Trail MarathonDerbyshireN26.2Trail
12thSummer Extravaganza Day 1YorkshireN26.2Mixed
12thSunset MarathonNorfolkN26.2Trail
12thThe Hot Runner Day 6 - Red RapscallionWorcestershireY26.2Road
13thEnigma Guitar Hero Marathon 2BucksY26.2Mixed
13thHardmoors 26.2 White Horse Trail MarathonNorth YorkshireN26.2Trail
13thStow Maries Trail ChallengeEssexY6HTrail
13thSummer Extravaganza Day 2YorkshireN26.2Mixed
13thThe Hot Runner Day 7 - Hot RunnerWorcestershireY26.2Road
16thRed Kite ChallengeNorthantsY6HMixed
18thTsunami 24DevonN24HTrail
19thDartford Midnight Marathon KentY26.2Road
19thHarp 24EssexY24HMixed
19thRotary Across Wales Walk (Cancelled)WalesN26mTrail
19thSaltire 12ScotlandY12HTrail
19thSaltire 24ScotlandY24HTrail
19thTrail Marathon WalesWalesN26.2Trail
19thTsunami ChallengeDevonN26.0Trail
19thUltra Trail ScotlandScotlandN45kMixed
20thCastle Howard YorkshireY26.2Trail
20thCholmondeley Castle CheshireY26.2Mixed
20thGlorious GargraveNorth YorkshireN26.2Mixed
20thHampshire Hoppit Trail MarathonHampshireN26.2Trail
20thRace To The King Day 1SussexN26.5Trail
21stRace To The King Day 2SussexN25.9Trail
26thGreat Strides Running EventWalesN40kMixed
26thGreat Strides Walking EventWalesN40kMixed
26thMidnight Mountain MarathonWalesN26.2Trail
26thRanscombe Summer ChallengeKentY8HMixed
26thViking MarathonCo. WaterfordN26.2Road
27thHalifax MarathonYorkshireY26.2Mixed
27thTeddy Bears' PicnicKentY8HMixed
27thWales Marathon WalesN26.2Road
July 2021
2ndHope 24DevonY24HMixed
2ndMizuno Endure 24 LeedsYorkshireY24HMixed
3rdEnigma Shaken Not Stirred Day 1BucksY26.2Mixed
3rdGreat Strides Walking EventYorkshireN40kMixed
3rdMarston 24H Challenge BedfordshireY24HMixed
3rdPhoenix Hercules Labour Two - The Night RunEssexY6HMixed
3rdPhoenix Hop-a-thonEssexY6HMixed
4thEnigma Shaken Not Stirred Day 2BucksY26.2Mixed
4thNorth Downs Way MarathonSurreyN26.2Mixed
4thPhoenix Cyclops 2EssexY6HMixed
4thSuffolk Trail Running Festival 12HSuffolkY12HMixed
4thSuffolk Trail Running Festival 24HSuffolkY24HMixed
11th'Hey It's Up Helmsley' Trail RaceNorth YorkshireY26.2Trail
14thPine ChallengeDerbyshireY6HMixed
16thPhoenix Top Run 2SurreyY7HMixed
17thMan vs LakesCumbriaN28.0Trail
17thPhoenix One Run To Rule Them All - The Elven White RunSurreyY6HMixed
17thSpitfire ScrambleLondonY24HMixed
18thPhoenix EXPLORER RunSurreyY7HMixed
18thWhy Not Run? Challenge EventHampshireY6HTrail
24thConti Lightning RunNorwichY24HTrail
24thEnigma Need For Speed Day 1BucksY26.2Mixed
24thMaverick Ultra Peaks DerbyshireN26.2Trail
24thSouth Downs Midnight MarathonHampshireN26.2Trail
25thBath Off Road MarathonAvonN26.2Trail
25thBeast of Bath MarathonAvonN26.2Mixed
25thEnigma Need For Speed Day 2BucksY26.2Mixed
August 2021
1stHardmoors 26.2 Farndale Trail Marathon North YorkshireN26.2Trail
7thCYBI Coastal Marathon WalesN26.2Trail
7thPhoenix Summer MarathonSurreyY26.2Mixed
7thSublime 12H Night RaceNorthantsY12HMixed
7thThames Meander MarathonSurreyN26.2Mixed
8thSublime Twenty4 WeekendNorthantsY24HMixed
12thQuadrathon Marathon Challenge Day 1Co. DonegalN26.2Road
13thQuadrathon Marathon Challenge Day 2Co. DonegalN26.2Road
14thGreat Wilderness ChallengeScotlandN25mTrail
14thQuadrathon Marathon Challenge Day 3Co. DonegalN26.2Road
15thQuadrathon Marathon Challenge Day 4Co. DonegalN26.2Road
15thScafell Pike Trail Marathon CumbriaN26mTrail
21stPlym Summer Trail Marathon Day 1DevonN26.2Mixed
22ndPlym Summer Trail Marathon Day 2DevonN26.2Mixed
29thWoldingham MarathonSurreyN26.2Trail
September 2021
4thHornsea Trail Running Festival Day 1YorkshireN26.2Trail
4thSt Albans StampedeHertfordshireY12HTrail
5thHornsea Trail Running Festival Day 2YorkshireN26.2Trail
12thBacchus MarathonSurreyY26.2Mixed
12thBlack Sheep 6H Challenge MashamNorth YorkshireY6HTrail
12thOuse Valley Way MarathonCambsN26.2Mixed
16thWoodpecker Challenge (Green)NorthantsY6HMixed
18thEquinox 24Hour RunLeicsY24HMixed
19thHullavington MarathonWiltshireN26.2Road
25thHever Castle MarathonKentY26.2Mixed
25thSir Titus Summer Trot Autumnal Trail Day 1West YorkshireN26.2Mixed
26thSir Titus Summer Trot Autumnal Trail Day 2West YorkshireN26.2Mixed
26thSurrey Hills ChallengeSurreyN26.2Mixed
October 2021
3rdChester MarathonCheshireN26.2Road
3rdLoch NessScotlandN26.2Road
10thEden Project MarathonCornwallN26.2Mixed
16thNorthern JumbleWest YorkshireN26.2Mixed
16thPlym Autumn Trail Marathon Day 1DevonN26.2Mixed
17thPlym Autumn Trail Marathon Day 2DevonN26.2Mixed
30thHubble Bubble Leeds Day 1YorkshireN26.2Trail
30thSnowdonia Marathon EryriWalesN26.2Mixed
31stHubble Bubble Leeds Day 2YorkshireN26.2Trail
November 2021
7thOld Mother Shipton's Summer ShuffleNorth YorkshireN26.2Mixed
10thOak ChallengeLeicestershireY6HMixed
13thKirkstall Abbey Trail Running Festival LeedsYorkshireN26.2Trail
18thFewston & Swinsty 4x4 Day 1YorkshireN26.2Mixed
19thFewston & Swinsty 4x4 Day 2YorkshireN
20thFewston & Swinsty 4x4 Day 3YorkshireN
21stFewston & Swinsty 4x4 Day 4YorkshireN
21stOwler Winter MarathonKentY26.2Trail
21stShillington ShuffleBucksN26mMixed
25thBigfoot ChallengeNorthantsY6HMixed
December 2021
4thChristmas Cracker Day 1 LeedsYorkshireN26.2Trail
5thChristmas Cracker Day 2 LeedsYorkshireN26.2Trail
11thMerry Xmas MarathonDevonY26.2Trail
18thElsecar Running Festival Barnsley Day 1West YorkshireN26.2Mixed
19thElsecar Running Festival Barnsley Day 2West YorkshireN26.2Mixed

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