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1 Prospect Court
The Broadway
Farnham Common
Bucks SL2 3QQ
01753 647339
Unit 1, Prospect Court, The Broadway, Farnham Common, Bucks SL2 3QQ - Telephone: 01753 647339

Stryd Power Meter - first look

The guys at Apex Sports have given me one of these brand new Stryd Power Monitors to test and I'm planning on using it through to the Boston Marathon next April. I want to see if measuring these new metrics results in any actionable data that will improve training.I've got a GPS watch - a Suunto Ambit 2s - and while I love it, I'm not convinced GPS training alone is that much use if you're serious…

Runing - it's a numbers game

Running is more than just putting one foot in front of the other*. We don’t often think of it, but it’s all a Numbers game. You don’t realise it but you are constantly Number crunching either in your mind or on the computer.So you’re heading out for a run. It’s a Sunday morning† and you’re off to continue building mileage for your A-race (probably a half or full marathon).The race is…

Book Review: Run with Power

Running with Power is a new book from elite US running and triathlon coach Jim Vance. The book is described as the complete guide to power meters for running.   Power meters have been used extensively in cycling for a number of years and provide  key data used to improve training and racing performance. It was only a matter of time before such a device was used for running. The book clarifie…

Buff Multi-Functional Headwear

The Buff is a very underrated and versatile piece of kit. Its lightweight, breathable and can be used in many ways; ideal for many activities. Its tube-like shape allows it to be placed on (or around) the head in numerous ways. I've used it during the recent cold weather around my neck as a neck scarf for extra warmth, which works well.  It can also cover the head & ears providing warmth without …

TomTom Runner 2 GPS Watch

Having used the TomTom watch for a couple of weeks now, I've enjoyed the watch's functionality, but also its ease of use. It's been shared with my wife who runs as well, but does gym classes more often a week. She too has particularly enjoyed its ease of use. Having used other GPS manufacturers in the past she often struggled with their, at times, complex use - top right button for this, then to…

Ultra Magazine review

Ultra is a brand new bi-monthly magazine designed to satisfy the needs of the growing number of ultra runners. Andy Nuttall, the creator and editor of the magazine, has put together a great new publication dedicated to the sport which is clearly his passion. Andy has managed to get contributions from some highly respected and talented members of our sport, which gives the magazine great credibilit…

Like The Wind Magazine review

Like The Wind is quite a new quarterly running magazine which is refreshingly different to typical running magazines. To start with, it's noticeable by its lack of adverts. It's also printed on high quality paper, making it feel like a very different product. Simon and Julie Freeman wanted to make a different type of publication. To paraphrase their words, the articles are about why we run rather …

Aftershokz 'Open Ear' Headphones

When I first heard of these I didn't believe they'd work very well. Open-ear headphones sounds good in theory, yet I was amazed at how well they work and pleased to be proven wrong! Ive used them on numerous runs and still amazed at how great they work.Instead of traditional headphones that go into the ears and uses the eardrums to transmit sound, these are open-ear headphones and use bone conduct…

OMM Last Drop 10L Pack

OMM Last Drop 10L Backpack.Having had bags of fun(!) running with this pack, I wanted to share some of the features to express how good this pack really is: Adjustable chest strap can move vertically which is all good and well but I'm a runner I have no moobs! However for women this feature is probably useful?!The top lid pocket I find useful for hearing the mobile ring being nearer the ear, how…

Rome Marathon 2015 Review

Courtesy of our friends at New Balance I had the opportunity to run the Rome Marathon this year. The event has a proper big city marathon feel with about 15,000 entrants (and around 50,000 taking part in the 5K fun run on the same day). This was the 21st edition of the event. I hadn't been to Rome before, so it was a great opportunity to see some of the sights of the historic city. We were lucky t…
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