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1 Prospect Court
The Broadway
Farnham Common
Bucks SL2 3QQ
01753 647339
Unit 1, Prospect Court, The Broadway, Farnham Common, Bucks SL2 3QQ - Telephone: 01753 647339

Dunstable Downs Challenge 2014

The Dunstable Downs Challenge Events celebrated their 10th anniversary this year. They're organised by Dunstable Road Runners ( and cover distances of half marathon, 20 miles and full marathon. Being mostly off-road, the distances are fairly nominal, i.e. they're usually over-distance (especially if you get yourself lost!). This was to be my third running of the full d…

OMM Kamleika Race Jacket

Having run in the OMMKamleika Jacket for the past year or so, I've found it to be an extremely useful and comfortable jacket to run in, and more often than not just on winter training runs. OMM (Original Mountain Marathon) has a great heritage with their OMM races and as such you'd expect the same with their running gear. Obviously it comes out most when its raining, but I often use it on cold, dr…

Al Andalus Ultimate Trail 2014

The AlAndalus Ultimate Trail is a 230km 5 day stage race in the mountains of Andalucia near Granada in Spain. Now in its 6th year, it is organised by Team Axarsport. The event is not designed to be for mass participation. This creates a more intimate race atmosphere and has a minimum impact on the environment. I'd been recommended the event by a number of people but nobody had mentioned quite how …

Polar Heart Rate Monitor and Chest Strap Compatibility

All Polar heart rate sensors can be worn in water. Only sensors with GymLink transmission detect heart rate while swimming. Polar T31 transmitterPolar T31 coded transmitterPolar H1Polar H2Polar H3Polar H7Polar WearLinktransmitter Nike+Polar WearLink transmitter Polar WearLink HybridPolar WearLink transmitter W.I.N.D. Transmission technology non-coded ***CS100, CS200, CS300, CS400-xxxx-xCS500, C…

Kit for Desert Races

Choosing the right kit for any event can be very important but for self-sufficient,multi-day events in the desert, such as the Marathon des Sables (MdS) and Kalahari Augrabies, getting the right kit to suit your individual requirements is vital. Most of these events will have a mandatory kit list which you have to carry. In addition are the non-essential things which will make your experience more…

The Barefoot Running Debate (Part 3)

Has the barefoot bubble burst? In light of the recent U.S. court case against Vibram, you might think so. Its been 4 years since  my first article about barefoot running and since then Ive had a lot of experience in barefoot and minimal shoes and read widely on the subject. In that time Ive moved away completely from conventional,over-protective shoes and managed to stay largely injury-free, desp…

Home Page News Stories

Apex NewsIt's FREE and easy to become a Team Apex Member.. just sign up for discounts on everything you buy from us (UK ONLY).See our comprehensive MARATHON and ULTRA MARATHON race listings via the link to our articles page.Come and see us at the Ridgeway Run on Oct. 11th.Unfortunately, the Burnham Half Marathon on August 23rd has been cancelled this year. See you at Cliveden!We now stock the Wild…

Scott TP10 Trail Pack

The ScottTP10 Trail Pack is an ideal backpack for most long distance races and training runs. At 50, its good value for money, considering all the features it has,which include numerous pockets (including 2 bottles), nicely padded construction and well-fitting straps.  I tried it out at the Thames Trot ultra and it worked well. Its light in weight but robust. The mesh pockets on the shoulder stra…

Ashmei product review

We recently started stocking Ashmei performance clothing, so I decided to treat myself to some decent new kit for some long runs I was planning on doing. I chose the Ashmei jersey short sleeve and 2-in-1 short. The first impact was that my wife thought I looked smart for a change as I went out running! Not that my appearance was my primary concern, but this kit does look smart in a subtly sophisti…

Dartmoor Discovery 2013

The Dartmoor Discovery has become a classic event in the ultra-running calendar. At 32 miles, its not the longest ultra, but the undulations of the Dartmoor National Park certainly don't make it an easy one (A look at the course elevation profile shows a height difference between the high and low points of over 1,000 feet). The event is almost entirely on roads, which are not closed and are busy i…
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