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Nike Lunar Glide+ Review

Nike LunarGlide+


Nike have always been at the forefront of innovation in running shoes, so it is no surprise to see the development of the LunarGlide running shoe.  2008 saw the launch of the LunarTrainer which had a mixed response. 2009 sees the shoe being superseded by the Glide which has the potential to appeal to a lot wider audience.

The development of the LunarLite midsole gives excellent cushioning, whilst being pretty light; the men's shoe weighing 304grams with the ladies at 243grams. As a result, it is a very versatile shoe.  For the majority of runners it will be suitable for the bulk of their training; cushioned enough for steady runs on the road, and also light enough for quicker paced efforts.

Another innovative aspect of the shoe is the rear foot wedge in the mid-sole which provides some anti-pronation control if required. A runner with a neutral running gait will not engage the rear foot wedge.

However, if your foot slightly overpronates, the wedge will provide a good degree of stability. This means the LunarGlide should be a suitable shoe to a large proportion of runners.

As with all Nike shoes, the women's version has a number of specific features for the female foot.  For too long, a lot of running shoes have been made for a man's foot and not taken into account the differences between men's and women's feet. The women's LunarGlide incorporates an arch strap on the medial side of the shoe to make it more supportive around the mid-foot. Women also tend to need more width in the forefoot, and as a result, the LunarGlide has a more stretchy material on the medial side of the ladies version.

The LunarGlide has been on sale for less than a month, so there is not yet any useful feedback on the shoe. However, the development of a lighter lower profile running shoe that still provides enough cushioning and support could be a major breakthrough by Nike.

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