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Saucony Kinvara 2 Review

Saucony Kinvara 2 Review

Having run in conventional running shoes for about 20 years, I have had a gradual patella issue intensify in the last few years. It came to a head last year stopping me from running. It was diagnosed as patella tendonitis, a common Runner's Knee issue. I followed the strengthening advice which helped a little, but not much. Rest seemed to help but when I'd start up again it would flare up once more.

Trying the Kinvara was almost a desperate attempt for something different in the hope it would help. Having built up by running a couple of times a week in them for the last month, I am now up to 12m relatively pain free. Whether that's down to the different style I'm now running in them, or I was getting better anyway, I'm not sure. However, for me they feel right and perhaps my heel striking was inadvertently incorrect for me.

Despite being lightweight (around 215g in men's) they have a flexible midsole made from durable foam, although they do feel less cushioned than a regular trainer. They're billed as the next generation of minimalist trainers with the lower 4mm heel-to-toe offset encouraging a midfoot landing, without trying. I believe this slightly different style is affecting my landing for the better; less of a heel so less chance of the big, usual heel strike. The shoe's construction is such that the midfoot offers extra cushioning for the midfoot landing, with less of a heel to get over to land there naturally.

The suggestion is to build training up slowly with these as too much too soon could cause calf and achilles issues. Their lightness in weight gives it a great feel on the feet, racer-like with a close-to-the-road feel, and is also proving popular with triathletes. People train regularly and run marathons in these shoes so they're not just for racing 10ks. The upper is made from a mono-filament mesh, providing a comfortable, sock-like fit & feel.

They're certainly a shoe to consider if you're thinking of giving minimalist running a go; a stepping stone towards barefoot running.

We have both the men's and women's version of this shoe in stock


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