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Inspiring stories about running and exercise as heard in-store

On a daily basis in the store (or at a race or out running), we speak to people who run, walk and exercise; and almost all of the time those people have positive experiences.
Whether it's the fact they've lost weight, halted diabetes, aided depression or simply enjoying the fact they're out exercising or running further than they have before, we are lucky enough to hear these stories.
For us it's a reassuring fact that most forms of exercise can bring about positives in many ways.
So we thought we'd share some of the stories we hear to possibly motivate and inspire others who are or were in a similar position. It could reinforce to those that they've been experiencing the same feelings and that there are many others out there sharing that enjoyment.
If you have a story to share, we'd love to add it to ours.

A lady was only going running with her sister, she felt she wouldn't be able to go on her own, that she'd be ridiculed for going so slowly! She got fitter and more confident, now she goes out on her own and occasionally runs with her sister!

An overweight man (his own words!) had purchased a treadmill during lockdown and found with regular walking on it and tweaking his diet, the weight was falling off him. He's now motivated to keep going, he got some proper shoes to help the process.

A lady in with diabetes had started running, been going for 12 or so weeks. She said that already her insulin levels were lowering. She was encouraged by the results and is keeping up with it.

Had a couple in their 80s in for trainers as they'd signed up with a personal trainer. The husband had been struggling with Parkinson's for over a decade, and it was already showing signs of decreasing with the exercises they'd started doing (which in relative terms was a lot more than what they'd been doing before). It was wonderful to hear it.

The Couch 2 5k program features heavily in the positive stories we hear about running. Many people who've started the program and now are running further before often comment they thought they could NEVER run, let alone 5k and always surprise themselves. We are never surprised to hear it but to them it comes as a massive surprise.
A lot of the time people put limits on themselves as to how far they THINK they can go, but a big difference to what they THINK and what they CAN do! We have an article about the mental aspect of running here.

A lady was a self-proclaimed non-runner. She began walking/running with friends, enjoyed it so she ran more. Then she started going to ParkRun each Saturday mornings. Now, in her words, she takes it seriously enough that she tells her friends to not organise drinking nights out on Fridays because she wants to feel fresh for her Saturday morning ParkRuns!

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