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Unit 1, Prospect Court, The Broadway, Farnham Common, Bucks SL2 3QQ - Telephone: 01753 647339

Fancy running a race in fancy dress?

You've trained for a city marathon(or Half), determined to run it, but suffered an injury shortly before the event jeopardising your running of it. You could just abandon the race. Or walk/run it if your injury is not bad and that you just didn't get enough training in.Or, to further justify your inevitably slower time - run it in fancy dress!

This happened to me before this year's Brighton Marathon (2013). The injury had been around a little while, could do some running on it but hadn't done any long runs. Still wanting to take part, I donned an outfit which turned out to be one of my best marathons I've run! He was a recognisable character, so the cries of well-wishers and the smiles on those who clapped eyes on him made the effort all the worthwhile. The obvious pains of lack of training were evident, but the pleasure I got out of running (and walking!) as a character overwhelmed those discomforts completely. A big city race usually works best!

On reflection afterwards I'd had a fantastic day out, a good laugh and put it down to a great experience. It made fora more interesting day for myself and those who saw me than just plod round for the sake of it. One to remember!

Highly recommended if you're ever in the unfortunate position of injured or under-trained for other reasons. Couple of things to bear in mind:

Anything that covers the head completely obviously makes things hotter when running! Check for sufficient ventilation gaps, add a few holes or slits if necessary without ruining the outfit - you may want to run in it again!! I added numerous slits to my mask which helped a lot, as did the sea-breeze!

Try training (even prolonged walking) with it on, perhaps on a treadmill (possibly wiser than out in public(!) and be careful not to fall off if it restricts your lateral vision!) to see how it feels and to possibly add extra elements of securing the headpiece if necessary. My mask was originally too loose but elastic around the back of the head secured it. Also to check if there'd be any other rubbing or friction. 

If there are long trousers involved, ensure the bottoms wouldn't drag on the ground and potentially trip you up.

The options of outfits are plentiful to run in; the Supermen and Batmen of the running fraternity have been omnipresent at most big city races for numerous years. Mind you, running in your underpants has been pushed to the extreme by the Borat outfits occasionally seen at races!

Often you don't need to go to huge lengths or costs to "dress up" - even guys in a flimsy tutu over their shorts or a simple wig usually bring a smile to spectators and other runners, making for a more memorable occasion.

Alternatively, if you wish to run a race with a relatively low profile, then avoid the dressing up! A lot of this is having fun, and if you want to make it even more fun for yourself as well as others - don a dress and do the deed so to speak! You won't forget it!
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