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Unit 1, Prospect Court, The Broadway, Farnham Common, Bucks SL2 3QQ - Telephone: 01753 647339

OMM Last Drop 10L Pack

OMM Last Drop 10L Backpack.

Having had bags of fun(!) running with this pack, I wanted to share some of the features to express how good this pack really is:

Adjustable chest strap can move vertically which is all good and well but I'm a runner I have no moobs! However for women this feature is probably useful?!

The top lid pocket I find useful for hearing the mobile ring being nearer the ear, however I ignore its rings because I'm out running, not on call!  

The piercing whistle on the chest strap I find useful in annoying the neighbours naughty child, but would also useful if I'm upside down in a ravine with a twisted ankle!

They say the pack can fold into top pocket for stowage, but I just prefer to keep it on my back!

Accommodates a bladder perfectly, with suitably placed holes to thread the bladder pipe for a comfortable run/cycle these holes aren't a manufacturing fault! The shoulder straps contain elasticated loops to keep pipe in place and under control unless you enjoy a slap in the face when fatiguing on a long training run or is that just me?!

Pack comes with removable back padding, but I prefer to keep it there; great for keeping water in bladder less warm from my back If I wanted a warm drink I'd carry a flask of tea! They say this removable back padding can be used as additional sleeping or seating padding, but a bed and couch respectively will suffice for me, thanks OMM!

The mesh side pockets accommodate most size bottles and keep them pretty still during my vigorous(!) workouts; as well as the waist strap,chest strap and my bulging torso(!) keeping the pack still during these workouts as well!!

In summary, the 10L is enough for running with some food bits, clothing, hydration and/or other necessities without overloading your back (OMM do have bigger packs if required!), but for commuting or day packs, not much comes close to this pack. This Last Drop pack will last until you drop!

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