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ON CloudSurfer review

Having run in the 4mm heel-toe drop Saucony Kinvaras and Brooks Pure Flow for a while, I've been enjoying the lower heel and resultant midfoot landing, which we in the shop believe has helped minimise injuries for us.

Before running in the ON CloudSurfers I was slightly dubious about its ability to assist me in my midfoot striking (I still catch the heel on occasional runs in conventional shoes) as it's a 7mm heel-toe drop. Not massive but not quite Kinvara-esque. However I've been pleasantly surprised by just how midfoot and 'naturally' I seem to be landing.

The positioning of the rear of the 13 circular rubber elements (Clouds) are set slightly forward in the heel which I find encourages any heel strike to be delayed enough for midfoot landing. These elements then 'lock' when compressed and engage for an optimal push off. To quote ON: "cushions both vertical and horizontal forces for a soft landing" All good enough for me, they do feel that bit more responsive when pushing off.


There's a lot of information from ON that these shoes train neglected muscle groups and relax tensions, activate postural muscles and reduce muscle and joint impact by up to 30%. I'm not sure about all of these, although I get the reduced impact bit with the midfoot landing.

They're around 300g, heavier than a lot of the other 'natural running' cushioned shoes out there, but don't feel as though they're weighing you down.

Did they make me feel like I was running on clouds? I wouldn't know what that's like as I've never tried it, but for me they feel a substantially cushioned shoe for high mileage, yet designed minimally enough for a more natural run.

The CloudSurfer is for neutral runners while their CloudRunner offers a bit more stability for over-pronators, although this may be slightly reduced with the more 'natural ride' the shoes offer. Obviously available in Ladies as well! 

ON helpfully offer alternative colour laces with the shoes for you to change as often as your heart desires! 

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