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1 Prospect Court
The Broadway
Farnham Common
Bucks SL2 3QQ
01753 647339
Unit 1, Prospect Court, The Broadway, Farnham Common, Bucks SL2 3QQ - Telephone: 01753 647339

2021-22 UK & Ireland Ultra Marathon listing

A comprehensive 2021-2022 UK & Ireland Ultra Marathon listing.
Will be updating with new races and dates as the information becomes available.
Please get in touch if you would like us to list a specific ultra event not listed here or to report any errors.

Also see our list of Mandatory Items required for a lot of ultra races.
We have Ultra Running related articles, such as Training The Mind, plus race reports from MdS, GUCR, Al Andalus UT, Thames Path 100m, Thames Trot

October 2021
25thSaturn Ten Bees In Ten Days Day 4SurreyY7HMixed
26thSaturn The Halfway There Bee Run Ten Bees In Ten Days Day 5SurreyY7HMixed
27thSaturn Ten Bees In Ten Days Day 6SurreyY7HMixed
28thSaturn Ten Bees In Ten Days Day 7SurreyY7HMixed
29thSaturn Ten Bees In Ten Days Day 8SurreyY7HMixed
30th25 Hour Fun RunCambsY25HTrack
30thHubble Bubble Leeds Day 1YorkshireN32mTrail
30thLulworth Cove Trail UltraDorsetN52kTrail
30thPhoenix Ghost TrainSurreyY7HMixed
30thSaturn Ten Bees In Ten Days Day 9SurreyY7HMixed
30thSVN Halloween 100KentY100mMixed
30thThe OMMScotlandNVariedTrail
30thThree Peaks Ultra (Jedburgh Ultra)ScotlandN38mTrail
30thTrack 25CambsY100mTrack
31stHubble Bubble Leeds Day 2YorkshireN32mTrail
31stLulworth Cove Trail Reverse MarathonDorsetN46kTrail
31stNovember Nightmare (over 8 days)ShropshireY210mMixed
31stPhoenix Skull Runner - Halloween SpecialSurreyY7HMixed
31stSaturn Ten Bees In Ten Days Day 10SurreyY7HMixed
31stStort 30HertfordshireN30mMixed
November 2021
3rdThe Lemur LoopSomersetY12HMixed
5thWhite Rose Ultra 100YorkshireY100mTrail
5thWhite Rose Ultra 150YorkshireY150mTrail
6thGlen Ogle 33ScotlandN33mTrail
6thMaverick Frontier South DownsSussexN50kTrail
6thOTT UltraWalesN30mTrail
6thWendover Woods 50BucksY50mTrail
6thWhite Rose Ultra 30YorkshireN30mTrail
6thWhite Rose Ultra 60YorkshireY60mTrail
7thFirework FlitWalesY7HMixed
7thOld Mother Shipton's ShuffleNorth YorkshireN32mMixed
7thSaturn Remembrance RunDurhamY7HMixed
7thStrive For 12HertfordshireY11HMixed
10thOak ChallengeLeicestershireY6HMixed
11thSaturn We Will RememberSurreyY7HMixed
11thSVN Armistice Day ChallengeKentY6HMixed
12thDartmoor Way - The Full CircleDartmoorN100mTrail
12thDruid's Ridgeway Challenge 3Day ChallengeBucksN86mTrail
12thEscape From Meriden (Winter)WarwickshireN24HMixed
13thBrecon Beacons UltraWalesY47mMixed
13thCoastal Trail Series - GowerWalesN34mTrail
13thDartmoor Way - Granite 50DartmoorN51mTrail
13thDava Way 50kScotlandN50kTrail
13thKirkstall Abbey Trail Running Festival LeedsYorkshireN32mTrail
13thPhoenix Squid Run & Day At The MoviesSurreyY7HMixed
13thShort CircuitYorkshireN53kMixed
13thSVN Northampton CakeathonNorthamptonY6HTrail
13thThe Testway 50BerkshireN50mMixed
13thWarrington Way 40CheshireN40mMixed
14thRemembrance DayEssexY6HTrail
14thRemembrance RunCambridgeshireY6HMixed
14thSaturn Greenham Common 40th Anniversary Women's CampBerkshireY7HMixed
14thSVN Northampton ChocathonNorthantsY6HMixed
16thEnigma Planes, Trains & Automobiles: The Mallard 50k Day 1BucksY50kMixed
17thEnigma Planes, Trains & Automobiles: The Mallard 50k Day 2BucksY50kMixed
18thFewston & Swinsty 4x4 Day 1YorkshireN6HMixed
18thRicky RacesMiddlesexY6HMixed
19thFewston & Swinsty 4x4 Day 2YorkshireN6HMixed
19thPhoenix Top Gun 2 - MaverickSurreyY6HMixed
19thSaturn Big Midweek Run TheoryBerkshireY7HMixed
20thFewston & Swinsty 4x4 Day 3YorkshireN6HMixed
20thHardwolds 80YorkshireN80mMixed
20thPeak District South 2 North (2 days)DerbyshireN93kTrail
20thPen Llyn Ultra Winter UltraWalesN35.5mTrail
20thRoly's RunHampshireN40mMixed
20thSaturn The RunHertfordshireY7HMixed
20thSaturn Theory Of RunativityHertfordshireY7HMixed
20thSVN Autumn Ranscombe ChallengeKentY8HMixed
20thWooler Trail MarathonNorthumberlandN28.5Trail
21stFewston & Swinsty 4x4 Day 4YorkshireN6HMixed
21stFour Season 6H Winter ChallengeBedfordshireY6HMixed
21stRanscombe Lucky Dip ChallengeKentY8HMixed
21stTweed Valley Ultra Trail 50kScotlandN50kTrail
21stTweed Valley Ultra Trail 65kScotlandN65kTrail
25thBigfoot ChallengeNorthantsY6HMixed
26thSVN Black Knight Challenge RunKentY6HMixed
26thThe C.I. 100kJerseyN100kTrail
27thCopthorne 100mSurreyY100mTrail
27thCopthorne 50kSurreyY50kTrail
27thCopthorne 50mSurreyY50mTrail
27thRunning Tribe UltraBucksY40mMixed
27thSVN FudgeathonKentY6HMixed
27thTurkey TrotCambridgeshireY7HTrail
28thSaturn The Run Before ChristmasTynesideY7HMixed
28thSVN Bobble Hobble ChallengeKentY6HMixed
29thSVN Dragon Challenge RunKentY8HTrail
30thSVN St Andrews DayKentY6HMixed
December 2021
1stPhoenix Christmas Advent RunSurreyY7HMixed
1stSVN Advent ChallengeKentY6HMixed
2ndDecades Dash 00sBerkshireY6HMixed
2ndSVN Mega ChallengeKentY6HMixed
3rdExodus Ultra MarathonWalesN100mMixed
3rdSaturn Midweek Lost RunsSurreyY7HMixed
3rdSVN Lucky Dip ChallengeKentY6HMixed
4thChristmas Cracker Day 1 LeedsYorkshireN32mTrail
4thCoastal Trail Series - Dorset 33DorsetN33.5mTrail
4thCoastal Trail Series - Dorset 45DorsetN45.5mTrail
4thKings Forest 50kSuffolkY50kTrail
4thMontane Cheviot Goat Winter UltraNorthumberlandN55mTrail
4thPhoenix Silver Key To RunningSurreyY6HMixed
4thSouth Downs Way UltraHampshireN30mTrail
4thSt Davids 24HWalesY24HTrail
4thSVN Dark Iron ChallengeKentY6HMixed
4thTour de Trigs Walking Hike 30OxfordshireN30mMixed
4thTour de Trigs Walking Hike 50OxfordshireN50mMixed
5thSaturn Game Of RunsBerkshireY7HMixed
5thSea To SummitWalesN32mTrail
5thSVN Cone of Doom ChallengeKentY6HMixed
5thChristmas CanterCambridgeshireY6HMixed
5thChristmas Cracker Day 2 LeedsYorkshireN32mTrail
5thHurtwood 50kSurreyN50kMixed
10thSaturn This Is The Greatest RunSurreyY7HMixed
11thChristmas Cracker HandicapYorkshireN56kMixed
11thSaturn Christmas Runners Of The GalaxySurreyY7HMixed
11thSunrise Half UltraNorfolkN45mMixed
11thSunrise UltraNorfolkN83mMixed
11thSunset UltraNorfolkN83mTrail
12thBand of BrothersHertfordshireY6HMixed
12thDawn to Dusk UltraEssexY50kRoad
12thGnome RoamKentY6HMixed
16thChristmas ChallengeMiddlesexY6HMixed
17thSaturn Jolly Jingle Christmas Midweek Chasing NumbersSurreyY7HMixed
18thCeltic UltraWalesN32mTrail
18thCeltic UltraWalesN32mTrail
18thPhoenix Christmas Pirates RunSurreyY6HMixed
18thRunning Tribe UltraBucksY40mMixed
18thSVN Festive FrolicKentY6HMixed
18thTour de HelvellynCumbriaN38mTrail
19thSVN Usual SuspectsKentY6HMixed
20thSunset to Sunrise ChallengeShropshireYSunriseTrail
27thSaturn Time Turner Year End RunSurreyY7HMixed
27thSunrise to Sunset ChallengeShropshireYSunsetMixed
27thWinter Cross 50k UltraHampshireN50kTrail
29thFrozen Phoenix Day 1SurreyY6HMixed
30thFrozen Phoenix Day 2SurreyY6HMixed
31stSVN Planner ChallengeKentY6HMixed
January 2022
1stHardmoors 30YorkshireN30mTrail
1stRainbow ChallengeNorthantsY6HMixed
1stSaturn Time New Year Hangover Cure RunSurreyY7HMixed
1stSVN Lucky Dip ChallengeKentY6HMixed
2ndNew Year ResolutionsMiddlesexY6HMixed
3rdSVN Meerkat MeanderKentY6HMixed
8thCountry to CapitalBucksN43mTrail
8thMontane Spine SprintN43mMixed
8thPhoenix SG-100SurreyY7HMixed
8thSir Titus Trot Winter Trot Day 1West YorkshireN32mMixed
8thThe Spine Race ChallengerDerbyshireN108mTrail
9thMontane Spine RaceN268mMixed
9thPhoenix Gin RunnerSurreyY7HMixed
9thSir Titus Trot Winter Trot Day 2West YorkshireN32mMixed
15thNorth Downs Way UltraSurreyN30mMixed
15thNorth Leeds Greenway Ultra 33YorkshireN33mMixed
15thNorth Leeds Greenway Ultra 39YorkshireN39mMixed
15thPhoenix Doughnut DashSurreyY6HTrail
15thSVN Fowlmead ChocathonKentY6HMixed
15thWinter Run To The CastleWalesN40mMixed
16thPhoenix Buff Bimble - Pick n MixSurreyY7HMixed
16thRun The SunHertfordshireY8HMixed
16thSVN Yeti YompKentY6HMixed
16thWinter Tanners LDWASurreyN30mMixed
16thWTF - Where's The FinishCambridgeshireY6HMixed
21stBeyond The Far SideWiltshireY24HTrail
21stSVN Saxons ChallengeKentY6HMixed
22ndPeddars Way UltraSuffolkN48mTrail
22ndSVN Vikings ChallengeKentY6HMixed
22ndThe Wrangler ChallengeCambridgeshireY6HMixed
22ndWinter Wychavon WayWorcestershireN40mMixed
23rdFlitch 12 HourEssexY12HMixed
23rdGloucester Winter 50kWiltshireY50kRoad
23rdNormans ChallengeKentY6HMixed
28thArc of AttritionCornwallN100mTrail
29thArc 50CornwallN50mTrail
29thLAW100 - Lady Anne's WayYorkshireN100mTrail
29thPhoenix Hopathon Winter RunEssexY6HMixed
29thSVN Winter RanscombeKentY8HTrail
30thFour Seasons WinterWalesY7HMixed
30thPhoenix Hercules Labour SixEssexY6HMixed
February 2022
1stPanda Bear ChallengeWarwickshireY6HMixed
5thCoastal Trail Series - South DevonDevonN34.3mTrail
5thFancy Dress FrolicCambridgeshireY7HTrail
5thHeroes & Villains Day 1SurreyY6HMixed
5thPendle Way In A DayLancashireN42mTrail
5thPilgrim Challenge Multi-Day Ultra Day 1SurreyN33mTrail
5thSaturn Superman Is Not Ready To RetireSurreyY7HMixed
6thHeroes & Villains Day 2SurreyY6HMixed
6thPilgrim Challenge Multi-Day Ultra Day 2SurreyN33mTrail
8thBig Bear ChallengeWarwickshireY6HMixed
11thSaturn The Love Run At The BrewerySurreyY7HMixed
12thCotswold Night MarathonGloucestershireN30mTrail
12thPhoenix RunificientSurreyY6HMixed
12thSix Dales Trail Ultra 32YorkshireN32mMixed
12thSix Dales Trail Ultra 38YorkshireN38mMixed
12thSVN Carbon ChallengeKentY6HMixed
12thWinter Poppyline LDWANorfolkN50mMixed
13thPhoenix Hug, Marry, Run AwaySurreyY6HMixed
13thPunchbowl 30 LDWASurreyN30mTrail
13thSaturn The Love RunDurhamY7HMixed
13thSVN Valentines Day ChallengeKentY6HMixed
13thValentines Day ChallengeCambridgeshireY6HMixed
19thGreensand Way Ultra RunSurreyN30mMixed
19thHolcombe Howler UltraDerbyshireN33mTrail
19thRailway Ultra 28ShropshireY28mMixed
19thRailway Ultra 36ShropshireY36mMixed
19thSVN Moonlight ChallengeKentY8HMixed
20thBrecon - Cardiff Winter UltraWalesN42mTrail
24thRicky RacesHertfordshireY6HMixed
26thBedford Barkers 6H ChallengeBedfordshireY6HTrack
26thBingley Bo***cksYorkshireN32mMixed
26thCoastal Trail Series - Northumberland 27NorthumberlandN27mTrail
26thCoastal Trail Series - Northumberland 35NorthumberlandN35.2mTrail
26thDartmoor Winter TraverseDartmoorN50kMixed
26thPhoenix Squid Run - The Circle RunSurreyY7HMixed
27thSt Peters Way UltraEssexN45mTrail
27thSVN Book Day ChallengeKentY6HMixed
March 2022
4th150 Mile Road RaceCo. AntrimN150mRoad
4thPhoenix Track WarsSurreyY24HTrack
4thPhoenix Track Wars EveningSurreyY24HTrack
4thPhoenix Track Wars MidnightSurreyY24HTrack
5thGreen Man Ultra WinterSomersetN45mMixed
5thHumanity Direct Amersham UltraBucksN31mTrail
5thSithee at Slawit Slog SlaithwaiteYorkshireN32mMixed
5thSouth Downs Way UltraHampshireN30mTrail
5thSVN Red Shirt Challenge Day 1KentY6HMixed
5thThe Welcome Way Trail Ultra 34YorkshireN34mMixed
5thThe Welcome Way Trail Ultra 42YorkshireN42mMixed
5thWaterway 30NottinghamshireN30mMixed
5thZigzag ChallengeHertfordshireY6HMixed
6thHannington Hike LDWANorthantsN27mMixed
6thImber UltraWiltshireN33mMixed
6thSVN Red Shirt Challenge Day 2KentY6HMixed
12thBrenda Parker Way UltraHampshireN78mTrail
12thChester Ultra 50mCheshireN50mMixed
12thD33 UltraScotlandN33mMixed
17thDecades Dash 10sBerkshireY6HMixed
19thCoastal Trail Series - SussexSussexN34mTrail
19thSpring Canal Canter Leeds Day 1YorkshireN32mMixed
19thThe HaloDerbyshireY6HMixed
20thFour Seasons SpringWalesY7HMixed
20thSevenoaks Circular Walk LDWAKentN30mTrail
20thSpring Canal Canter Leeds Day 2YorkshireN32mMixed
25thJurassic Coast 3Day ChallengeDorsetN78mTrail
26thBeast Of The Blacks 40WalesN40mTrail
26thHardmoors 55North YorkshireN55mTrail
26thPhoenix Squid Run - The Sqaure [sic] RunSurreyY7HMixed
26thSilkin Way UltraShropshireY50kMixed
26thSVN Totally Nutty Nuts RunKentY6HMixed
26thTotal CoastalDevonN30mMixed
27thFour Seasons 6H Spring ChallengeBedfordshireY6HMixed
27thSalcey 50kNorthantsY50kMixed
27thSalcey 50mNorthantsY50mMixed
27thSVN CrispathonKentY6HMixed
April 2022
2ndKielder Ultra 100kNorthumberlandN100kTrail
2ndKielder Ultra 50kNorthumberlandN50kTrail
2ndKielder Ultra 80kNorthumberlandN80kTrail
2ndNorthern TraverseN190mMixed
2ndRoche Abbey Trail Running FestivalYorkshireN32mMixed
2ndShropshire Way 80k UltraShropshireN80kMixed
2ndSnowdon Trail Ultra Spring CrossingWalesN57kTrail
2ndSouth CANUMWalesN40mTrail
2ndThree Shires LDWAStaffordshireN30mMixed
3rdCyril Bean Coventry Way 40mWest MidlandsN40mTrail
3rdPhoenix Dragon's Eye - GreenSurreyY7HMixed
3rdThe Circuit du Sore LegsHertfordshireY6HMixed
7thBadger ChallengeLeicestershireY6HMixed
9thCalderdale HikeNorth YorkshireN36mTrail
9thCrawley A.I.M 12H Track raceSussexY12HTrack
9thCrawley A.I.M 24H Track raceSussexY24HTrack
9thCrawley A.I.M 6H Track raceSussexY6HTrack
9thEaster 50k ChallengeBerkshireN50kMixed
9thLakes Mountain 42CumbriaN42mTrail
9thOner Ultra Trail RunDorsetN82mTrail
9thRose Of The ShiresNorthantsN54mMixed
9thSouth Downs Way 50SurreyN50mTrail
9thSVN Kent 50M ChallengeKentY50mMixed
9thThe Fortitude Key (Ten in Ten day 1)SurreyY7HMixed
9thThe Woldsman LDWAYorkshireN50mMixed
9thUltra Tour of ArranScotlandN100kMixed
9thUltra X Spring Challenge 100kSurreyN100kTrail
9thUltra X Spring Challenge 50kSurreyN50kTrail
9thVale Coastal RaceWalesN32mTrail
9thVale of Glamorgan Coastal UltraWalesN32mTrail
10thMillennium WayShropshireN41mTrail
10thPendine UltraWalesY32mSand
10thThe Gauntlet Key (Ten in Ten day 2)SurreyY7HMixed
11thThe Dauntless Key (Ten in Ten day 3)SurreyY7HMixed
12thThe Resolute Key (Ten in Ten day 4)SurreyY7HMixed
13thThe Perserverance Key (Ten in Ten day 5)SurreyY7HMixed
13thWild Horse 200 South WalesWalesN200mTrail
14thThe Adversity Key (Ten in Ten day 6)SurreyY7HMixed
15thEaster ChallengeCambridgeshireY6HMixed
15thManchester to LiverpoolMerseysideN50mTrail
15thThe Intrepid Key (Ten in Ten day 7)SurreyY7HMixed
16thBeast Of The Beacons 40WalesN40mTrail
16thCow Shed Backyard UltraNorthumberlandY?Trail
16thRiver Aire Ultra 100YorkshireN100mMixed
16thRiver Aire Ultra 50YorkshireN50mMixed
16thSVN Northampton CakeathonNorthantsY6HMixed
16thThe Indomit Key (Ten in Ten day 8)SurreyY7HMixed
16thWelsh 3000WalesN50kTrail
16thWelsh 3000WalesN50kTrail
17thSVN Northampton ChocathonNorthantsY6HMixed
17thThe Unbreakable Key (Ten in Ten day 9)SurreyY7HMixed
18thThe Invincible Key (Ten in Ten day 10)SurreyY7HMixed
19thThe Silver Key (Twet 11)SurreyY7HMixed
20thPennine Bridleway Ultra ChallengeN270kmMixed
20thThe Golden Key (Twet 12)SurreyY7HMixed
23rdBlack Dragon Challenge WalkWalesN30mMixed
23rdButcombe Trail Ultra BTU50SomersetN50mTrail
23rdButcombe Trail Ultra BTU56SomersetN56mTrail
23rdCenturion Track 24H Race (Invite only)KentY100mTrack
24thConnemara UltraCo. GalwayN39.3mRoad
24thLonghorn 50k UltraNottinghamshireN50kTrail
24thLonghorn 60k UltraNottinghamshireN60kTrail
24thSVN Bitcoin BimbleKentY6HMixed
26thBluebell ChallengeWarwickshireY6HMixed
27thForces MarchDevonN139mTrail
27thThames RingOxfordshireN250mMixed
29thSouth Downs Way Devil's Challenge (3 days)N97mTrail
30thBlacks To The Beacons 50WalesN50mTrail
30thCoastal Trail Series - Pembrokeshire 27WalesN27.7mTrail
30thCoastal Trail Series - Pembrokeshire 35WalesN35.1mTrail
30thEast Devon RoundDevonN62mTrail
30thGreat Lakeland 3DayCumbriaN90mTrail
30thIsle Of Man Challenge 106kmIsle of ManN106kTrail
30thIsle Of Man Challenge 54kmIsle of ManN54kTrail
30thIsle of Wight Challenge 106kIsle of WightN106kTrail
30thIsle of Wight Challenge 54kIsle of WightN54kTrail
30thMalvern Hills UltraWiltshireN45mTrail
30thNorth Coast Ultra RunCornwallN70kTrail
30thSince 1664 Commando YompHampshireN103mMixed
30thThorners 110 Han Solo & RelaySurreyY110mTrail
30thTrail Monkey Double Top UltraJerseyN40mTrail
May 2022
1stIsle Of Man Challenge 52kIsle of ManN52kTrail
1stIsle of Wight Challenge 52kIsle of WightN52kTrail
1stSOS - Save Our SolesCambridgeshireY6HMixed
1stThree Forts MarathonSussexN27mTrail
2ndFellsman LDWANorth YorkshireN61mTrail
7thBewl Water UltraKentY37.5mMixed
7thChiltern Hills Challenge (2 Days)HertfordshireN36mTrail
7thChiltern Ridge Ultra TrailBucksN50kTrail
7thDales High Way Ultra 104YorkshireN104mTrail
7thDales High Way Ultra 90YorkshireN90mTrail
7thPennine Barrier UltraYorkshireN50mTrail
7thRidgeway 40 LDWAWiltshireN40mTrail
7thSVN Bring Out The BlingKentY6HMixed
7thThames Path 100N100mTrail
7thThe HOWUMWalesN30mTrail
7thUltra X Scotland 125kScotlandN125kTrail
8thOld Colliery CanterYorkshireN32mMixed
8thSVN VE DayKentY6HMixed
8thUltra X Scotland 50kScotlandN50kTrail
13thBlack Beacon 50mWalesN50mTrail
13thDevon Coast Challenge - 3 DaysDevonN79mMixed
13thSwan ChallengeWarwickshireY6HMixed
14thJurassic Coast Challenge 58kDorsetN58kMixed
14thPilgrims 60WalesN60mTrail
14thRun To The SeaSussexN50kMixed
14thSpire UltraDerbyshireN34mTrail
14thThe DoubleTap - Lake Windermere UltraLake DistrictN94mMixed
14thThe LAP Double Tap - Lake Windermere UltraLake DistrictN94mMixed
14thThe LAP Spring Forward - Lake Windermere UltraLake DistrictN47mMixed
14thWestcountry Ultra (Flat!) 100mSomersetY100mTrail
14thWestcountry Ultra (Flat!) 50mSomersetN50mTrail
14thWestcountry Ultra (Hilly!) 50m B693SomersetN50mTrail
14th24 Hours Of The Offa's DykeWalesN24HTrail
14thDevon Coast to CoastDevonN117mMixed
14thFive Rivers Ultra 103EssexN103mTrail
14thFive Rivers Ultra 51EssexN51mTrail
14thFive Rivers Ultra 71EssexN71mTrail
14thGreen Belt RelayLondonN220mMixed
14thJurassic Coast Challenge 100kDorsetN100kMixed
15thGoring Gap RunBerkshireN50kMixed
15thGuernsey UltraGuernseyN36mTrail
15thJurassic Coast Challenge 42kDorsetN42kMixed
15thNorthants Ultra Shires & SpiresNorthantsN35mTrail
19thHafren UltraWalesN27mTrail
19thSevern Challenge Multi-DayWalesN220mTrail
20thSevern PlodWalesN45mTrail
21stChawton Challenge LDWA (Runners Welcome)HampshireN30mTrail
21stCoastal Trail Series - Classic QuarterCornwallN44mTrail
21stLoch Ness 360 Degree UltraScotlandN129kTrail
21stNorth Downs Way 50SurreyN50mTrail
21stOld County Tops Fell RaceLake DistrictN37mTrail
21stRace The TideDevonN29mMixed
21stSevern Path Ultra ChallengeWalesN58mTrail
21stSVN Vikings ChallengeKentY24HMixed
22ndCape Wrath UltraScotlandN400kTrail
22ndFour Seasons SummerWalesY7HMixed
22ndSevern Way Ultra ChallengeShropshireN62mTrail
23rdBristol Severn UltraWiltshireN28mTrail
27thHardmoors 200YorkshireN200mTrail
27thTidal Triple Series 78.6 (over 3 days)CumbriaY78.6mMixed
27thWest Highland Way 180 RaceScotlandN180mTrail
28thBrecon Beacons Ultra 52kWalesN52kTrail
28thChester Ultra 100mLancashireN100mMixed
28thGreat Welsh UltraWalesN200kTrail
28thHardmoors 110YorkshireN110mTrail
28thLlangollen Round ChallengeWalesN35mTrail
28thLondon 2 Brighton Challenge 100kLondonN100kTrail
28thLondon 2 Brighton Challenge 56k Day 1LondonN56kTrail
28thRace To The Castle 100kNorthumberlandN100kMixed
28thRace To The Castle 50k Day 1NorthumberlandN50kMixed
28thSouth West Traverse XtremeCornwallN44mTrail
28thSuffolk Back Yard UltraSuffolkY?Mixed
28thSVN Northampton Military ChallengeNorthantsY6HMixed
28thWest Highland Way & Ben Nevis RaceScotlandN106mTrail
28thWest Highland Way Challenge RaceScotlandN96mTrail
29thBrecon Beacons Ultra Reverse 55kWalesN55kTrail
29thExe Estuary UltraDevonN30mMixed
29thGreensand Country UltraBedfordshireN50kTrail
29thLondon 2 Brighton Challenge 44k Day 2LondonN44kTrail
29thRace To The Castle 50k Day 2NorthumberlandN50kMixed
29thSouth Downs 100kHampshireN100kTrail
29thSouth Downs 50kHampshireN50kTrail
29thSVN Northampton Undead ChallengeNorthantsY6HMixed
June 2022
3rdGrand Union Canal Race (GUCR)N145mTrail
3rdJubilee JamboreeCambridgeshireY6HMixed
3rdSaturn God Save The Queen Platinum Jubilee RunBerkshireY7HMixed
4thAngles Way 100kNorfolkN100kTrail
4thAngles Way 50kNorfolkN50kTrail
4thBelfast - Enniskillen (3 Days)N150mRoad
4thGlen Lyon UltraScotlandN30mTrail
4thThe VOGUMWalesN40mTrail
10thGlyndwr 100m ChallengeWalesN100mTrail
10thUltra-Trail Snowdonia 166kWalesN166kTrail
11thBlack Mountains 50m UltraWalesN50mTrail
11thCoastal Trail Series - ExmoorDevonN32.8Trail
11thDartmoor DiscoveryDevonN32mTrail
11thJurassic Coast 100kN100kTrail
11thJurassic Coast 100mN100mTrail
11thJurassic Extinction Ultra Trail 120mN120mTrail
11thLake District Challenge 100kLake DistrictN100kTrail
11thLake District Challenge 49kLake DistrictN49kTrail
11thNidderdale Way 110North YorkshireN110mMixed
11thNidderdale Way 55North YorkshireN55mMixed
11thNidderdale Way 83North YorkshireN83mMixed
11thOne and Half Nidderdale WayNorth YorkshireN82mMixed
11thRace To The KingSussexN100kTrail
11thSharpness 50kGloucestershireN50kMixed
11thSouth Downs Way 100SurreyN100mTrail
11thSummer ExtravaganzaYorkshireN32mMixed
11thUltra-Trail Snowdonia 100kWalesN100kTrail
11thUltra-Trail Snowdonia 50kWalesN50kTrail
12thHigh Weald ChallengeKentN50kMixed
12thJurassic Coast 50kN50kTrail
12thLake District Challenge 51kLake DistrictN51kTrail
12thWeald Trail UltraEast SussexN50kTrail
14thRed Kite ChallengeNorthantsY6HMixed
15thWild Horse 200 Mid WalesWalesN200mTrail
17thTsunami 24DevonN24HTrail
17thTsunami Challenge 37DevonN37mTrail
17thTsunami Challenge 75DevonN75mTrail
18thDurham Dales Challenge LDWADurhamN30mTrail
18thEndure 24 ReadingBerkshireY24HMixed
18thHarp 24EssexY24HMixed
18thLea Valley 50kHertfordshireN50kMixed
18thMoray Coastal Trail 50mScotlandN50mTrail
18thPhoenix Centaur 100m UltraSurreyY100mMixed
18thPhoenix Minotaur 50mSurreyY50mMixed
18thPhoenix P24 - The Longest Attended DaySurreyY?Mixed
18thWayfarers 100kBerkshireN100kMixed
18thWest Highland Way UltraScotlandN95mTrail
19thGlorious Gargrave - Leeds Liverpool CanalYorkshireN32mMixed
19thRun The Wall (Hadrian's)CumbriaN69mMixed
19thThree Castles 30KentN30mTrail
24th10 Peaks Brecon Beacons LongWalesN89kTrail
24th10 Peaks Brecon Beacons ShortWalesN58kTrail
24th10 Peaks Lakes LongCumbriaN73kTrail
24th10 Peaks Lakes ShortCumbriaN48kTrail
25thBlack Mountains Trail Running ChallengeWalesN61kTrail
25thCannock 50kStaffordshireY50kMixed
25thCannock 50mStaffordshireY50mMixed
25thCotswold Way Challenge 100kWiltshireN100kMixed
25thCotswold Way Challenge 53K Day 1WiltshireN53kMixed
25thHardwolds 40YorkshireN40mMixed
25thJoust 24 Hour RaceWorcestershireY24HMixed
25thLakeland Five Passes UltraLake DistrictN33mTrail
25thMarston 24H ChallengeBedfordshireY24HMixed
25thRace To The TowerGloucestershireN52.4mTrail
25thWarwickshire Ring 111WarwickshireN111mMixed
25thWelsh 3000WalesN50kTrail
26thCotswold Way Challenge 47K Day 2WiltshireN47kMixed
July 2022
1stHope 24DevonY24HMixed
2ndEndure 24 LeedsYorkshireY24HMixed
2ndGreat GlenScotlandN71mTrail
2ndHam & Lyme 100kSomersetN100kTrail
2ndHam & Lyme 50kSomersetN50kTrail
2ndNorth CANUMWalesN50mTrail
2ndOtley High Views Trail Ultra 32YorkshireN32mMixed
2ndOtley High Views Trail Ultra 50YorkshireN50mMixed
2ndPeak District Challenge 100kmDerbyshireN100kMixed
2ndPeak District Challenge 50kmDerbyshireN50kMixed
2ndPen Llyn Ultra 100WalesN100mTrail
2ndPen Llyn Ultra 50WalesN50mTrail
2ndPen Llyn Ultra 75WalesN75mTrail
2ndSuffolk Trail Running Festival 12HSuffolkY12HMixed
2ndSuffolk Trail Running Festival 24HSuffolkY24HMixed
3rdDyfi Ultra 50MWalesN50mTrail
3rdGullion WayUlsterN64kMixed
3rdPeak District Challenge 50kmDerbyshireN50kMixed
8thFaccombe Back Yard UltraHampshireY?Trail
9thEssex 100EssexY100mMixed
9thEssex 30EssexY30mMixed
9thEssex 50EssexY50mMixed
9thHallow Parish ChallengeWorcestershireN40mMixed
9thLakeland Trails Ultra 100kLake DistrictN100kTrail
9thLakeland Trails Ultra 50kLake DistrictN50kTrail
9thLakes Sky UltraCumbriaN56kTrail
9thRace To The Stones 100kWiltshireN100kTrail
9thRace To The Stones 50k Day 1WiltshireN50kTrail
9thSnowdon 24WalesN24HMixed
9thSt Cuthberts Way Ultra 100kNorthumberlandN100kTrail
9thSt Cuthberts Way Ultra 45NorthumberlandN45mTrail
9thUltra X Summer Challenge 100kYorkshireN100kTrail
9thUltra X Summer Challenge 50kYorkshireN50kTrail
9thUpton UltraWorcestershireN50kMixed
10thFour Season 6H Summer ChallengeBedfordshireY6HMixed
10th'Hey It's Up Helmsley' Trail RaceNorth YorkshireY32mTrail
10thRace To The Stones 50k Day 2WiltshireN50kTrail
10thSnowdonia Trail UltraWalesN46kMixed
10thThe Shocking Shirt ShuffleCambridgeshireY6HMixed
14thRun The BladesScotlandN50kTrail
15thThe RebellionWalesN135mTrail
15thThwarted RebellionWalesN75mTrail
16thCanterbury TrailsKentN100kTrail
16thDragon 100mWalesN100mTrail
16thEnigma Batmobiles 50kBucksY50kMixed
16thPennine 39NorthumberlandN39mTrail
16thPennine 39NorthumberlandN39mTrail
16thSpitfire ScrambleLondonY24HMixed
16thTenacious Ten Hour Endurance ChallengeWalesY10HTrail
16thWendover Woods Night 50kBucksY50kTrail
17thDragon 50mWalesN50mTrail
22ndKennet & Avon Canal Race (KACR)N145mTrail
23rdBeacons Way Ultra 100WalesN100mTrail
23rdYorkshire Challenge 100kmYorkshireN100kMixed
23rdYorkshire Challenge 50km Day 1YorkshireN50kMixed
24thSouth West Coast Challenge 100kmN100kmTrail
24thSouth West Coast Challenge 53kmSomersetN53kTrail
24thWrittle Wround UltraEssexN50kTrail
24thYorkshire Challenge 50km Day 2YorkshireN50kMixed
25thSouth West Coast Challenge 49kmDevonN49kTrail
29thLakeland 100Lake DistrictN100mTrail
29thLakeland 50Lake DistrictN50mTrail
30thExmoor Trail Running ChallengeSomersetN54kTrail
30thPeak District 100DerbyshireN100mTrail
30thPeak District 50DerbyshireN50mTrail
30thRailway Ultra 28ShropshireY28mMixed
30thRailway Ultra 37ShropshireY37mMixed
30thRound Reading Ultra 50kBerkshireN50kMixed
August 2022
5thBeacons 100WalesN100mTrail
5thBring Out Your Dead 24CornwallY24HTrail
6thBeacons 50WalesN50mTrail
6thDovedale Dipper WalkDerbyshireN27Mixed
6thEnigma Keep On Truckin 50kBucksY50kMixed
6thIsaac's Tea Trail Ultra MarathonNorthumberlandN37mTrail
6thNorth Downs Way 100SurreyN100mTrail
6thRoseland August Trail (R.A.T) 100kCornwallN100kTrail
6thRoseland August Trail (R.A.T) 50kCornwallN50kTrail
6thThe EDDUMWalesN50mTrail
7thUltra X Wales 250kWalesN250kTrail
11thCotswold UltraGloucestershireN44.2mTrail
11thThames Path Challenge 4-StagesN185mMixed
12thOxford UltraOxfordshireN65.7mTrail
13thDales Way ChallengeYorkshireN82mTrail
13thGloucester Track RaceGloucestershireY24HTrack
13thRun To The CastleWalesN40mMixed
13thStour Valley Path 100k UltraSuffolkN100kTrail
13thStour Valley Path 50k UltraSuffolkN50kTrail
13thUltra Great Britain Race Across ScotlandScotlandN215mMixed
13thWindsor UltraBerkshireN43.4mMixed
14thRichmond UltraSurreyN31mTrail
17thWild Horse 200 North WalesWalesN200mTrail
20thInferno - Edale's Ring of HellDerbyshireN35mTrail
20thSpeyside Way Ultra 35mScotlandN35mTrail
20thSpeyside Way Ultra 65mScotlandN65mTrail
20thSVN World Series Of Running 'Scotland'KentY6HMixed
21stSVN World Series Of Running 'Northern Ireland'KentY6HMixed
22ndSVN World Series Of Running 'France'KentY6HMixed
23rdSVN World Series Of Running 'USA'KentY6HMixed
24thSVN World Series Of Running 'Australia'KentY6HMixed
25thBackyard Ultra WalesWalesY?Trail
25thSVN World Series Of Running 'South Africa'KentY6HMixed
26thKing Offa's Dyke Path UltraWalesN185mTrail
26thMercian ChallengeWalesN100mTrail
26thSVN World Series Of Running 'Brazil'KentY6HMixed
27thGrand Tour of SkiddawCumbriaN44mTrail
27thGreen Man Ultra SummerSomersetN45mMixed
27thLiverpool - Leeds Canal Race (LLCR)N130mTrail
27thOutRun 12HEssexY12HTrail
27thOutRun 24HEssexY24HTrail
27thRidgeway ChallengeBucksN86mTrail
27thSVN World Series Of Running 'Ireland'KentY6HMixed
28thSVN World Series Of Running 'India'KentY6HMixed
29thSun Is On The RunCambridgeshireY6HMixed
29thSVN World Series Of Running 'Pride'KentY6HMixed
30thSVN World Series Of Running 'Wales'KentY6HMixed
31stSVN World Series Of Running 'Belgium'KentY6HMixed
September 2022
1stSVN World Series Of Running 'Canada'KentY6HMixed
2ndKerry Way UltraCo. KerryN120mMixed
2ndKerry Way Ultra LiteCo. KerryN58kMixed
2ndMillstone 100DerbyshireN100mTrail
2ndSVN World Series Of Running 'Germany'KentY6HMixed
3rdDartmoor 50DartmoorN50mTrail
3rdExpress To HornseaYorkshireN32mTrail
3rdLimestone 50DerbyshireN50mTrail
3rdMendip Marauder 30SomersetN30mMixed
3rdMendip Marauder 50SomersetN50mMixed
3rdPeveril 33DerbyshireN33mTrail
3rdSVN World Series Of Running 'England'KentY6HMixed
3rdThe RIDUMWalesN30mTrail
4thSouth Coast Challenge 100kSussexN100kMixed
4thSouth Coast Challenge 55k Day 1SussexN55kMixed
4thTiree UltraScotlandN35mMixed
5thSouth Coast Challenge 45kSussexN45kMixed
5thDragon's Back RaceWalesN300kTrail
9thNational Forest Trek (3 Day Walk)N75mMixed
10thNorth Downs Way UltraSurreyN30mMixed
10thThames Path Challenge 100k Putney - HenleyN100kTrail
10thThames Path Challenge 50k Putney - RunnymedeN50kTrail
10thThe LAP - Lake Windermere UltraLake DistrictN47mMixed
11thThames Path Challenge 50k Runnymede - HenleyN50kTrail
16thPeak District Challenge 100kDerbyshireN100kTrail
16thPeak District Challenge 75kDerbyshireN75kTrail
17thChiltern Wonderland 50mOxfordshireN50mTrail
17thCumbria Way Ultra 30CumbriaN30mTrail
17thCumbria Way Ultra 73CumbriaN73mTrail
17thEquinox 24Hour RunLeicsY24HMixed
17thHardmoors 60North YorkshireN60mTrail
17thPeak District Challenge 50kDerbyshireN50kTrail
18thBlack Sheep 6H Challenge MashamNorth YorkshireY6HTrail
18thRIOT RunCambridgeshireY6HMixed
22ndRatrace The Isles (6 days)ScotlandN155mTrail
24thCauseway Coast Ultra MarathonCo. AntrimN64kTrail
24thChiltern Challenge 50kBucksN50kMixed
24thConquest of Avalon 30SomersetN30mTrail
24thConquest of Avalon 50SomersetN50mTrail
24thReservoir Dogs Ultra 32YorkshireN32mMixed
24thReservoir Dogs Ultra 50YorkshireN50mMixed
24thSnowdon Trail Ultra Autumn CrossingWalesN57kTrail
October 2022
3rdStarcross ShuffleDevonY6HTrail
7thPanther Takes HindmostYorkshireY?Mixed
8thGreensand Way Ultra RunSurreyN30mMixed
22ndYorkshire Heritage UltramarathonYorkshireN50mtrail
23rdFour Season 6H Autumn ChallengeBedfordshireY6HMixed
30thSouth Downs Way UltraHampshireN30mTrail
November 2022
12thWharfedale Skyline Trail UltraYorkshireN35mMixed
27thFour Season 6H Winter ChallengeBedfordshireY6HMixed
December 2022
10thChristmas Cracker HandicapYorkshireN56kMixed
August 2023
11thGloucester Track RaceGloucestershireY48HTrack

12th June 2020  Ayla
The Salomon Serpent Trail 10k, HM, 50k and 100k now take place on 3rd July 2021:
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