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Zwift RunPod

Having used the Zwift (Milestone) Pod on numerous runs I am impressed with the detail it offers and its accuracy, considering how inaccurate FootPods and pedometers used to be. This Pod uses modern accelerometers to accurately calculate distance run, plus lots of other pieces of information which is mainly used to improve running form.

There’s a lot of talk about running more efficiently to reduce impact and injuries, mainly by increasing cadence (steps per minute), bringing the foot strike to a more midfoot landing area rather than heel striking, which is partly to blame for numerous injuries.
With this in mind, after each run the Pod will give you statistics about your Distance, Pace, Steps (for both feet), Foot Strike (Percent of Heel, Mid or Toe strike – I find this pretty accurate and interesting), Cadence (Steps per minute – very accurate using alongside a GPS watch with the same feature), Ground Contact Time (less time on the ground the better, less impactful), Rate Of Impact (higher impact can lead to injuries, keep it low!), Stride Length (length of your step, avoid over-striding), Leg Swing (how high the foot gets off the ground, the higher the better as this should avoid over-striding), and finally a Runficiency number (calculated from several of the above metrics, similar to a formula used in more expensive Power Meter units).
All of this detail is to equip you with information about your personal running and things to think about should you wish to make improvements to your running style to either simply avoid injuries and/or to run faster – making these changes can assist with faster running.

Using the Pod and App
It used to be called the Milestone Pod, then it was rebranded Zwift RunPod. You may be aware of the Zwift Run app where you can run on a treadmill in a Virtual world using the Pod and the app. This app, however, does not give you all the stats mentioned above, it merely allows you to ‘run with’ others around Central Park (in a Digital format). I don’t use this myself, but apparently it can be used to meet up with others by arranging a time to use the Pods at the same time and ‘run as a group’ in a Virtual world. I sincerely hope this is not the future of running!
Download the Milestone Pod App on the Apple Store or Google Play for all of these stats. It’s an easy app to use and informative about all the stats on offer. You can tell the app which shoes you run in and it will give you information about the shoes, should you want it! It also keeps a log of how many miles the shoes have run, obviously only calculates this when the Pod is used on the shoes.
Downloading the Zwift Run app will allow you to calibrate the Pod at first use and requires treadmill access. This should increase the Pod’s accuracy from the start.

The Pod itself uses a round CR2032 battery (included with the Pod), which are widely available to replace and the app informs you of the battery life upon syncing the Pod to the app. Lifespan can vary depending how often it is used. The Pod comes in two parts; the bottom part nestles easily and securely in-between shoe laces and elasticated laces and the top part housing the battery then clips onto this. It remains secure and shouldn’t remove itself.
The beauty of this Pod is it doesn’t need to be connected to an app or device in use. You can run with it and the Pod will store the run and upload to the app afterwards, which is a quick process.  When using outside, it autodetects a cadence of over 100 for six minutes to be sure you are running, or walking briskly.  Now you can run naturally and forget about the device.

After a run I remove the Pod from the shoe and carry it indoors. I do this so the Pod will know my cadence has ended (especially as I have a little walk after a run to cool down) and the run has stopped. However, if you forget to remove it, the app has a useful option to toggle stats between the whole run with walking bits or just the running bit. The stats change accordingly if you had walked in the run but wanted to see what the stats were for just the running sections.
The app is user-friendly, tap the Tap To Sync area, move the Pod around in your hand to wake it up and the information uploads within seconds. On my runs I’ve used the Pod alongside a GPS watch and for the most part the Pod has been very near the distance of the GPS watch, but occasionally it’s been a bit out. You have the option to calibrate the Pod each time which should make it (even more) accurate if you know the actual distance.

Now you are presented with all the stats. There is a Run Log section where all previous runs are stored. You can select a Run Form metric to focus on, ie Cadence, etc and the app will provide tips to help you improve. There are also graphs displaying the average of each metric over your last runs to visually show whether an area is improving or not.
I have briefly played around with swapping the Pod to the other foot. The stats are slightly inconsistent suggesting I may have differing leg actions. I don’t know if this true, but I think it is responding correctly as I feel one of my legs is less flexible than the other. I think it means I need to pay more attention to the leg with worse stats!

For £30 this is a fantastic device and you get a lot. Obviously, it’s entirely up to you how much attention you wish to pay towards all the stats, but there’s enough information to please even a semi-geek runner! If it’s just treadmill running, the Zwift Run app can add a bit of fun and distraction to your run, even though it’s not real footage!

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