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Unit 1, Prospect Court, The Broadway, Farnham Common, Bucks SL2 3QQ - Telephone: 01753 647339

Altra Running Shoes

We decided to stock this American brand for their two main features:
Foot Shaped
0 Drop

We’re finding in-store there’s an increasing demand for wider toe-boxed shoes; more and more runners finding ‘pointy’ running shoes not fitting their feet well enough. While this hasn’t been a huge issue for the majority of runners, for some it has been. Also given the fact our feet swell as we run (we remind customers of this on a daily basis), some extra room is no bad thing.

We have been selling 4mm heel-to-toe drop running shoes for a number of years to promote a more natural running style (midfoot landing), so we were keen to stock these 0 drop shoes.

Obviously we are aware this type of shoe is not for everyone; it may be the 0 drop is too much or the width becomes sloppy for a narrower foot.

When putting them on people's feet, a common remark is (when looking down at them) "They're weird, but strangely comfortable!"
They look squarer than most shoes (because they are) but in a good way, allowing the feet to naturally splay with no restrictions. Shoes not wide enough can restrict natural movement which could be the cause of numerous foot issues.

Running in them ourselves we've found there is (even) less heel striking (if any), which is great for good form running, potentially reducing injuries and fatigue. Many runners who injure themselves often look to reduce these injuries by changing their running style to a more midfoot landing style. These 0 drop shoes aid that.

This brand is proving to be hugely popular with UltraMarathon runners, but they are fine for gym-goers, runners from 5k up to Marathon and beyond. It's about getting a good and right fit on the foot.

If going in to these shoes from a 'normal' 10-12mm drop shoe, there may be a period of transition to the 0 drop, depending how the individual's  muscles and joints adapt to the lower drop. In some cases this can put a strain on the calf and Achilles, so the advice would be to strengthen those muscles in the lower leg and use the shoes lightly initially. Even walking around the house barefoot can have more benefits than just adapting to Altra shoes. Then see how the muscles feel after using them and proceed with caution.
Or it may be the runner adapts quicker than the theory would suggest and good to go in them immediately. But the general advice would be to be cautious to start with and see how they adapt.

Our range:
Paradigm: The more cushioned shoe with some support in the form of GuideRail, no solid support post. This is a rare thing for a running shoe - providing support for overpronators but fine for neutral runners. Most shoes are either categorised Supportive for runners who need arch support, or Neutral for runners who don't. The GuideRail works with the 0 drop to promote a natural running style, combining to reduce overpronation.
Somewhat weighty at 293g for Men and 239g for Women, but relative to the amount of cushioning, not that heavy. They have stack height of 32mm of cushioning across the shoe, more than most other shoes.

Torin: A lighter shoe than the Paradigm, 238g Men, 184g Women, but still sufficient soft and responsive cushioning. The FootPod outsole 'maps' the foot for more natural flexibility. Some find this shoe more flexible than the Paradigm, which suits some and not others. A stack height of 28mm cushioning across the shoe.

Lone Peak: A versatile trail running shoe, as adept running on roads as it is on trails. 247g for Men.
Good grip underneath but adaptable enough for road/smooth running. Arguably being on uneven surfaces in a low drop shoe making footing more stable.

16th January 2019  Sable
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