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Aftershokz 'Open Ear' Headphones

When I first heard of these I didn't believe they'd work very well. Open-ear headphones sounds good in theory, yet I was amazed at how well they work and pleased to be proven wrong! Ive used them on numerous runs and still amazed at how great they work.

Instead of traditional headphones that go into the ears and uses the eardrums to transmit sound, these are open-ear headphones and use bone conduction to deliver the sound through cheekbones to the inner ear.

The headphones sit comfortably in front of the ears and transmit the sound from there through the cheekbones. The sound waves travel directly to the cochlea, bypassing the eardrums altogether great news for those concerned about the potential hearing damage normal headphones can cause. Whats interesting is when blocking the ears, you can still hear the music, which enhances the bass! Proving it works in the way they explained. Also ideal for people with some hearing loss.

One of the obvious benefits is the ability to hear the outside world, which for running is a fantastic advantage hearing cars, cyclists and generally being a bit more aware of whats going on around you, as long as you still have your wits about you and not completely immersed in the music or audiobook! The sound is also not broadcast out to those around you either.

People often struggle with various headphone sizes fitting into their ears (or not), falling out, etc These eliminate that problem. They don't bounce or move from their position at all when running. They come with an optional elastic band which fits onto the device for a snugger fit if required. Also sweat-resistant so shouldn't start rusting after a couple of sweaty sessions like other headphones.

Ive been using the cordless model (Bluez 2); makes a wonderful change from my days of wrapping cords around anything they'll fit on to stop them flapping. Another feature I like is the volume button is to hand.

Other models have cords; the cheaper Sportz 3 is still an excellent product but doesn't take calls, has a volume button and fits most mp3 players and phones. The Sportz M3 also has a cord and allows calls to be taken with the same functionalities. However I'm not sure about attached compartment which clips onto your clothing which is the on/off button for Sportz 3 and to take calls with the Sportz M3.

They quote 12 hours of battery life I don't think it quite manages that time in my brief tests thus far. There is no battery indicator either so I've been charging the device up as often as I think about it. Same applies for the corded models. There is an on/off button which I've forgotten to switch off occasionally (still getting used to turning headphones off!), probably contributing to not quite lasting 12 hours for me. That said, they charge up quickly, a max of two hours. Connecting the device via Bluetooth is easy and painless.

For me they're a fantastic addition to my runs. Don't think I could go back to conventional headphones now! Obviously these are also ideal for cyclists or just as a wireless device for talking on your phone.
Many races (especially marathons) had banned headphones, but now some races are allowing runners to use these in their events as you'd be able to hear instructions. This number of races is constantly increasing.

16th January 2019  Sable
Are there races in November or December 2019 in Europe?
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