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X-Bionic Wallaby Sweatbands

    X-Bionic Wallaby Sweatbands

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    The  X-Bionic Wallaby (2 pack) is more than just a sweatband! Your sweat is too precious to be wasted. Special hi-tech knitting-structures and the patented 3D-BionicSphere System widely disperse the perspiration in a film over the skin at the wrist, where blood vessels are closest to the surface. Cooling occurs by evaporation which contributes to keep the body temperature at the optimal 37C and therefore, powerful. This natural turbo charger therefore effectively turns sweat into energy. The more you use the X-BIONIC Wallaby to mop sweat from your brow, the greater the benefits.


    3D-BionicSphere System guarantees effective cooling. Highly efficient evaporation and cooling is achieved due to a four times enhanced surface area.
    Evaporation Surface Expander  - due to the use of hi-tech fibres and special knitting structure, the evaporation surface area is enhanced enormously.

    49% Polyamide
    33% SkinNODOR
    11% Robur 
    7% Elastane

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