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X-Bionic Mens Marathon Pants

    X-Bionic Mens Marathon Pants

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    Long distance shorts for minimum times. The X-Bionic Marathon Pants are lighter and faster!

    The Marathon Pants are the lightest X-BIONIC running shorts, with a lower waistband. These seamless running shorts are compressive to minimise muscle vibration and support your muscles. Specially developed for long distance runners, they optimise movement while stimulating blood circulation. At the same time, the sophisticated woven structure ensures an ideal fit.

    Climate control also a plays crucial part: the main feature is the corrugated intercooler structure on the front and back of the thighs. These three-dimensional woven elements soak up excess sweat and evaporate it near the skin for cooling. As well as this, the intercooler structure leaves a space between the garment and your skin for a film of sweat to provide additional cooling. While you rest, the insulating effect of the intercooler takes over: trapped air insulates and protects your muscles from chill, thus lessening the risk of injury. On the less cold-sensitive inner thigh, the finely meshed Air Conditioning Zone cools you during the active phase by means of direct air exchange and evaporation. The anatomically positioned 3D-BionicSphere system on the coccyx and abdomen areas provides extra temperature and moisture regulation. Sweat traps on the lower back catch excess moisture before you can feel it and soak it up to evaporate. This means that there is no risk of chafing when running long distances.

    In summary, these are far less revealing, more supportive and provide far superior climate control than similar Lycra running shorts.
    FEATURES: Two-Step front 3D-BionicSphere System; Innerlap Air Conditioning Zone; 3D-BionicSphere-System; ISO-Pad; Intercooler 3D construction; Compression Mid-impact Technology; SkinNODOR with Nano-Technology

    Waist Sizes: S 30", M 32-34", L 34-36", XL 36-38"

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