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X-Bionic Headband

    X-Bionic Headband

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    The lightweight X-BIONIC Headband is packed with technical features. Regardless which sport you participate in, the body temperature rises quickly when you start exerting yourself. You start to sweat, in order to cool down. Particularly from the head, because there the body can release the most heat. But before the excess sweat starts to run down the face, it is absorbed by the 3D-BionicSphere System in the forehead and used effectively for cooling. This way, you can maintain your best performance, comfortably.

    SweatTraps trap perspiration before you start to feel it so that no droplets can form and run down your face and into your eyes. A very light film of perspiration is left on the skin to aid natural cooling.

    As long as the body perspires, constant cooling is needed to remain powerful, regardless of the outer temperature. The unique 3D-BionicSphere System leaves a thin film of sweat on the forehead and provides cooling evaporation directly on the skin. Excessive sweat is absorbed through SweatTraps and transported outwards, to be evaporated as well. If no sweat is present, then the system serves as insulation. 
    SkinNODOR - This specially developed yarn inhibits the growth of bacteria using nano-technology, thus reducing any unpleasant odour.

    TECHNICAL COMPOSITION: 88% SkinNODOR; 7% Elastane; 5% Mythlan

    Available in 2 sizes: S/M (GR1) and M/L (GR2)

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