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SilverPoint Search SC280 Head Torch

    SilverPoint Search SC280 Head Torch

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    The Search SC280 is the latest addition to the Silverpoint range of head torches. IPX7 rated, it is one of the most waterproof head torches currently on the market.
    For starters the switch itself is fully waterproof. It offers a powerful output of up to 200 lumen, which can be increased to 280 lumen when using it's 'boost' function (impacts on battery life).
    One of the unique aspects of this head torch is its ability in taking a fraction of a second to reach its maximum intensity upon the chosen light setting, allowing a moment for the eyes to adjust, the same as when you turn it off.
    It has a pre-focused lens, meaning the light can travel a long distance, however with the 'light diffuser'  it also offers great peripheral vision (visibility not quite as far).
    Built-in battery indicator gives ample warning when charge is running low.
    The SOS light setting safety feature and the survival whistle upon the head strap is very impressive.
    The included overhead strap can easily be removed or put back on, depending on its required use of the head torch.
    Bulb Type: 1 x XPG2 R4 Cree 3 LED                         
    Maximum output in Lumen: 280 Lumens (Boost), 200 Lumens High, 20 Lumens Low - 200-40 Lumens via Stepless dimmer
    Operating modes: Medium>High>Low>Boost. Boost reverts to medium after 3 minutes, Press and hold for SOS signal   
    Distance: Up to 140 meters
    Burn Time: 4-100 Hours
    Waterproofness: IPX7
    Battery type: 1800mAh Rechargeable
    Battery Compartment Size: 67x40x20mm
    Product Size: 49x32x35mm
    Product Weight: 123g
    2 Year Warranty

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