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CurrexSole RunPro Insoles High

    CurrexSole RunPro Insoles High

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    CurrexSole RunPro Insoles are specifically designed for running, walking and triathlon, helping you to maintain good foot posture and enhance your body's natural ability to attenuate shock. When running your foot has a natural pathway it moves along – these running insoles help you to maintain that pathway as they create the ultimate fit solution: enhancing comfort, feel, function and performance.

    Customise your running shoes to reduce the stresses of running by efficiently guiding your feet from foot strike right through to toe-off.

    RunPro Insoles are available in three arch profiles (High, Medium and Low) each designed to work with your specific foot type whilst respecting the expensive features of your shoe. These are the HIGH Profile version.

    How to choose the correct size for you:
    • S for UK3.5-5 (Eu36.5-38.5)
    • M for UK5.5-7 (Eu39-41)
    • L for UK7.5-9 (Eu41.5-43.5)
    • XL for UK9.511 (Eu44-46)
    • XXL for UK11.5-13 (Eu46.5-48)

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