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1 Prospect Court, The Broadway, Farnham Common, Bucks SL2 3QQ - Telephone: 01753 647339

OS1ST Knee Sleeve

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    This Sports Knee Compression support provides medical grade orthopedic knee support.

    Patent pending Compression Zone Technology® provides effective pain relief for runner’s knee, chronic knee pain, knee injury, swollen arthritic knees, or patella tendonitis.

    Comfortable for use during the night and day, fits well under most styles of trousers and an excellent alternative to bulky and uncomfortable knee braces and splints.
    It will treat and prevent knee pain and swelling.
    Aids your muscles and joints with compression support, promotes circulation for aiding and speeding muscle recovery.
    The shaped fit makes it a safe alternative to heavier supports and braces that pinch and bind.

    Perfect for runners and athletes prone to knee pain and injuries and for non-athletes who want an active lifestyle that is free from swelling and pain. 

    Each box comes with one sleeve

    Small: Above Patella: 30-40 cm/ Below Patella: 23-33 cm
    Above Patella: 35-45 cm/ Below Patella: 28-38 cm
    Above Patella: 40-50 cm/ Below Patella: 33-44 cm
    Above Patella: 47-57 cm/ Below Patella: 38-50 cm

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