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Unit 1, Prospect Court, The Broadway, Farnham Common, Bucks SL2 3QQ - Telephone: 01753 647339

Zwift RunPod

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    The Zwift RunPod is an easy and inexpensive Tracking Device to keep track of distance (plus much more) for runners & walkers. Also the easiest way to get on Zwift Run.
    This is the new version, which replaces the MilestonePod with a more powerful chip for improved functionality and better compatibility with Zwift apps.

    Clip the waterproof device (lightweight, only 13g) to your shoe and go for a run/walk.
    One battery (Standard CR2032) lasts around 4-6 months so no recharging is necessary.
    If you want to simply record data and upload/analyse it later, all you need is the device itself. It stores up to 20 hours-worth of information and uploads via Bluetooth.
    To see live data while exercising, the app will display the data while you exercise and you will need to carry a phone or compatible watch.

    From the *app you get a lot of information, including:
    • Stride Length - average length of one full stride, Ground Contact Time (GCT) - average amount of time your foot spends on the ground in milliseconds
    • Cadence - steps per minute (both feet!), Leg Swing - height of foot off ground swinging behind after pushing off
    • Runficiency Score - combined score of above data. A best score is 100, global average is 73. Can you do better?!
    • Distance and Duration - accelerometers accurately calculate your distance
    • Pace - your average minutes per mile or km, pauses when stopping briefly at traffic lights
    • Rate of Impact - force with which your foot hits the ground; High rate of impact is inefficient while Low rate of impact is more efficient
    • Foot Strike - where your foot first makes ground contact; app shows average landing area: Heel, Midfoot or Toe.

    Works with ZwiftRUN to run in a Virtual world on a treadmill, still allowing you to view all of your data.
    All of this information assists with improving running style and efficiency to reduce injury.

    *Download the Milestone Pod app for these stats. More info on this in our User Guide (see below).
    Read our User Guide to making the most out of the Pod

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