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Stryd Power Meter (with wind sensor)

    Stryd Power Meter (with wind sensor)

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    The new Stryd Power Meter is the latest version of this device for autumn 2019 onwards, now taking into account the effect of wind on power output. 
    This has been a major upgrade, also including: wind, temperature and humidity sensors and a magnetometer for improved accuracy; increased data storage, clearer LED status light; increased antennae range and a new shoe clip to funnel wind to the sensor.

    Power is a much more consistent measure, so the data allows an even more precise gauge of intensity during training and competition than heart rate data. 
    You can identify any wasted energy from a potential inefficient form to then become a more efficient runner.

    Your heart rate is affected by the weather while out training, sleep the night before or a bad memory of a recent event, but power is not affected by these factors. 
    There is also a time lag with heart rate, which can affect readings during intervals and hill sessions for example.
    The Power Meter delivers instant feedback for better pacing on varied terrain. 
    Combine your Cadence information with the Power information to be aware of changes in your effort levels while increasing step rate or altering body position.
    The Stryd Power Meter uses data from built-in motion sensors to compute power in real-time and records running-specific metrics such as the force of impact and the stride frequency.

    Set-up is simple. Once paired with an ANT+ and/or Bluetooth smart enabled watch it’s ready to go. 
    STRYD Sync internal data recording. Metrics include Power, Running Efficiency, Leg Spring Stiffness, Cadence, Speed, Ground Contact Time; Recording Duration up to 20 hours.
    Post-run data sync: Run with Stryd and nothing else - All recorded metrics are synced to your PowerCenter account through the Stryd mobile app; Run with your watch + Stryd - All Stryd metrics are merged on the PowerCenter with the data from your watch (for example, your GPS track).

    New in July 2020, read about Stryd's new Race Calculator

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