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1 Prospect Court
The Broadway
Farnham Common
Bucks SL2 3QQ
01753 647339
Unit 1, Prospect Court, The Broadway, Farnham Common, Bucks SL2 3QQ - Telephone: 01753 647339

Precision Hydration SweatSalt Capsules

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    PH SweatSalt Capsules are designed to help you start hydrated (and stay that way once you're sweating, if you're a heavy/salty sweater). They are typically used by athletes not carrying their own fluids, for example those relying on water from aid stations during a race.
    • Ideal for athletes who just prefer the taste of plain water to even the mildest of electrolyte drinks.
    • 15 swallowable capsules in a waterproof blister-pack, making them more convenient when carrying fluids is tricky.
    • Enhances the absorption of water during physical exercise.
    • Formulated to aid fluid absorption, whilst being easy on the stomach.
    • Can be used to top up the sodium concentration of weaker sports drinks.
    • Independently batch tested for a wide range of prohibited substances on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list.
    Not genetically engineered; Vegan friendly

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