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1 Prospect Court
The Broadway
Farnham Common
Bucks SL2 3QQ
01753 647339
1 Prospect Court, The Broadway, Farnham Common, Bucks SL2 3QQ - Telephone: 01753 647339

Sorbothane Full Strike (Insole)

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    Sobothane Full Strike insoles are a mid-weight insole. They are slim enough to work with your existing insole or can be used as a replacement to provide optimum shock absorption performance with minimal bulk.

    Sorbothane Full Strike Insoles are suitable for tighter fitting sports footwear.

    Sorbothane's Shockstopper insoles are scientifically proven to absorb harmful shock waves associated with foot strike. Sorbothane advanced new range has now been developed to provide greater shock dispersal and is designed with a new lightweight, streamlined construction. Now 30% lighter. One pair of insoles per pack.

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